Hello…I see you

I know that at some point in life, probably many times, we see someone we know but don’t really know.  You know they know you.  You know they know you know them.  Maybe someone you went to high school with or maybe it’s someone that works for the same company you do but in another department.  You may have never even talked to this person before but you know you have something in common with them.  Somehow you are connected.  Do you stop and chat?  Or walk past like complete and total strangers?  Usually, I opt to walk on by.  I’m not trying to be rude but I assume the possible conversation will be awkward and I don’t want to bother the other person.  I can hear it now:

Weren’t you in my 6th grade reading class?

– (Nods head with fake interest and enthusiasm) Oh yeah, I was. (silence ensues)

So...(awkward pause. Looking into shopping cart) I see you like Raisin Bran.  Good stuff.

Well, a few months ago I came out of the movie theater to see a guy that was on my myspace page.  I had never met him, never actually talked to him.  Our exchanges were completely limited to myspace and were few and far between at best.  However, I knew things about him because of what he posted on his page.  I knew a little about his divorce, his kids, what his interests were, what kind of music he liked, books he read, and movies he watched.  In a very small way I felt like I kind of knew him.  Matter of fact, because I was so sure I knew him from someplace “real”, I started to semi-panic because I couldn’t recall his name immediately and was sure I would offend him when he saw and recognized me.  He never saw me and as I put together who he was I figured he probably wouldn’t have recognized me at all.  And I have to say that I found the whole thing to be a little eerie.

I think about this a lot when it comes to the blog.  Regardless of whether you put up a picture, or use your real name, I feel like I know most of you pretty well.  I look forward to reading your posts or receiving comments from you on mine.  At first it was the excitement of someone reading what I wrote and having something to say about it.  But over time the excitement has shifted a little to being more personal because I feel I know you more individually.

But what if we were to randomly pass and recognize each other on the street?  Would it be eerie like the myspace guy?  Would we say anything or just walk on by pretending not to notice one another (and blog about it later)?  My first reaction was to walk on by pretending ignorance.  But now I’m not so sure.  I’m quite certain that it’s come to all of your attention that there is a great majority of us linked together on our pages.  Reflecting on all the stories and comments, I’d be willing to bet that we could throw one kick ass party if we were to all get together and meet up.  So if by some random chance you see me passing by, don’t hesitate to say hello.

Been a While…Who Are You Again?

I admit that I was slow in coming but eventually joined in on the technological bandwagon and am the proud owner of a Myspace page, Facebook page, and blog.  At first I couldn’t get enough of Myspace and all free time was spent perusing through profiles.  Then came Facebook.  I joined Facebook to “keep up” with those friends who didn’t have Myspace.  But my interest in both have waned.  I do however think the blog will keep my interest sparked.

For the past few months both my Facebook and Myspace pages have been mostly dormant.  Then out of the blue I started receiving messages and friend requests from the most random people.  After shuffling through the weirdos and freaks on Myspace, I linked over to Facebook to see who my requests were from.  Former high school alumni.  Now you may be wondering, “What’s so strange about that?”  What’s strange is that I haven’t talked to any of the five of them since the 7th grade.  And we’ve been graduated for 11 years.  Come to think of it, I’ve never spoken to two of them before in my life even though I think we MIGHT have had some classes together at some point.  And all five of them were in the “popular click” in school while I was…well I was not.  I wasn’t really anything in high school which is the best position to find yourself.

Being an analyzer (and incredibly bored at work) I took a look at my five people and this is what I’ve noticed:


5 people

3 girls

2 guys

girl #1 is single,  girl #2 and #3 are married

guy #1 is single,  guy #2 is married

all 5 have 100 or more friends listed on their page


Conclusion:  No matter sex or marital status, the most important thing is to have as many people as possible listed as collector’s items friends on your page.

I don’t get this.  I thought the point of both pages was to stay in contact with people you actually want to stay in contact with.  People you know.  Maybe they can’t help it, after all they were part of the cool, popular crowd.  Maybe having people around all the time is something they’re indoctrinated with.  Or maybe they just have me confused with someone else. 




Barbara update

I didn’t check my myspace page in about a week and when I logged on today guess who deemed me acceptable to be her friend.  Yep, Miss Walters herself assistants.  I guess she they finally got around to cleaning out all the email requests because she now has over 11,000 friends.  11,000???  Good grief, and out of 256 pages I’m probably on page 255.  Some friend you are.  After all that I think I’ll be deleting myself off her page. 


Holy crap work is borring!!  I work for a company that depends on our customers to send in their photos/slides/videos for us to scan and upload to their website.  This is my third holiday season working for this company and it’s usually the busiest time of the year.  Last year,  for about 3 months, I worked 6 days a week and averaged about 70-75 hours during that week.  The paychecks were awsome!!  However, I don’t know what the deal is this year but it’s December already and I’m pulling teeth to find stuff to do to fill an 8 hour shift.  Some things I have managed to do while maintaining my regular work include: reading CNN online about 10 times a day, reading People online about 10 times a day, reading other people’s blogs, writing my own blogs (like I’m doing now), check my email about 10 times a day, chat with people on messenger, surf myspace, surf facebook, read Dracula, study Spanish, done most of my Christmas shopping, paid online bills, play on flickr, taken care of the visiting teaching numbers, thought up new recipes to try out with fudge (now that I’m a pro!), addressed my Christmas cards…for crying out loud!!!  WHAT ELSE CAN I DO??!!?

You Suck Barbara

When I’m online there are a few sites that I always check out to read. My sister’s blog, CNN, and People Magazine are a few. So the other day, I read that Barbara Walters signed up on Myspace and was requesting friends because so far she only has two – the creators of the site. I’m fun, cute, normal, so I figured I would sign up as her friend to help her site out. After all, I’m sure to draw in more traffic to her page. Well guess what? That fridged hearted, old crow didn’t accept me as a friend! Geez, Barbara!! What more are you looking for? You think you’re too good for the likes of me? Hears a news flash for you. The only reason the creators are your friend was so that you would spotlight them on your most interesting people of 2007 show – which you did. They’re just using you. You know what, I didn’t really want to be your friend anyway.