Field Trip

I thought my school field trip days were long over.  But just this week it was…drumroll please… ZOO DAY!!  I can’t believe how excited I was for this trip but everyday I looked at the calendar and did a countdown.  The morning of, my alarm went off and I layed there and thought about how much I hate alarms and getting up in the morning – which is what I do every morning – and then I remembered, “It’s ZOO DAY” and jumped right out of bed.

Remember on field trips days you could almost smell the excitement in the air when you walked into your classroom?  That’s how it was at the preschool when I got there.  The kids were hyper and kept informing me that they were going to the zoo to see the animals.  According to them, the zoo had every animal from elephants and tigers to cows and penguins.  Newsflash kiddos, the Little Rock zoo isn’t fancy enough for penguins and if you want to see cows you could probably just walk next door.  But their excitement for even just the possibility of some magical wonderment at the zoo was fun to see.

And who could forget the best part of field trips, the sack lunches!  I got sack lunches every day when I was in school but they were extra special on field trip days.  Lunchables, pudding snacks, fruit rollups, juice boxes, and the most important part was the handwritten note from mom.  This has carried over because along with informing me they were going to the zoo, the kids kept pulling out their lunches to show me what was inside.  I however, did not have any “fun” foods or a note from my mom inside mine.  Just two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I slapped together before I walked out the door.  I seriously considered swipping some of the goods from their sacks but in the end I refrained.

Luckily there were almost as many adults that came along as there were kids.  Unfortunately summer is more than in full swing here and it was in the upper 90s with the humidity almost as high.  Surprisingly not one kid needed to go to the bathroom the entire day and as a matter of fact, only one little girl whined and complained.  But they got to ride on the train and the carousel which were some of the highlights.  And for some reason a lot of the kids said their favorite animal was the alligator.  I don’t get why.  All you could see were his eyes as he just laid there in the water.  Snoozer.  The bear at least turned around and looked at the kids when they growled at him.

I got some really good pics of the kids but not so sure their parents would like me posting them on here so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  At the end of the day I was tired, hot, and ready for a nap.  But it was so much fun I hope we go on another one soon – though maybe one with AC next time.

Personality 101

Lastnight my roommate handed me a personality quiz that she had picked up a couple of weeks ago so I thought I would give a whirl and see what it had to say about me.  Good thing I had a lot of time to kill because this thing was like taking the SATs!  There are 82 pages divided into 10 chapters and took me about an hour to complete – talk about pressure.  Most chapters were pretty predictable like the one entitled Stressed or laid-back? or Creative or logical?  But as you continued the chapters turned into A Short Psychological Journey and Graphology.  For heaven’s sake, I thought she picked this up from Walmart not special ordered the book from some CSI crime lab.

The first two chapters were borring but chapter 3 got things a little more interesting and on the way to a good laugh.  It’s titled Animal Magnetism and you are to pick three animals in order of preference from the pages.  I picked the wolf, dog, and monkey.  According to the book, it means that I would like to be seen as a wolf (I’m a little fuzzy on what that’s supposed to mean), I think people see me as a dog (I’m really hoping that means loyal and dependable and not as a bitch), and I see myself as a monkey.  Really?  A monkey?  Uh, ok.

Chapter 4 was Physiognomy – Let’s Get Physical.  For this chapter you had to analyze your face and more extensively your hands.  Anyone looking into my front room window may have thought I was stoned seeing as how my hand was 2 inches from my face and I labored over analyzing my phalanges on my fingers for a solid 10 min.  The result?  I should probably look into getting a manicure.

Chapters 5 and 6 were relatively borring.  Ahh, here we go.  Chapter 7: A Short Psychological Journey.  This chapter consisted of a story and you had to provide the immediate details that came to your mind.  For example, you start off going for a walk and it asks you which way you go?  Over open plains or down in a wooded valley?  Along the journey you come across a few things in your path that you describe: a bear, gun, key, vase, water, and additional landscape.  It also asks if the gun is loaded, if you shoot the bear, if pick up the key and/or vase.  I finish and flip to the back.  Really this book is like those choose  your own adventure series the way it has you flipping back and forth.  As I’m reading what the choices mean I’m thinking, “yeah, yeah uh-huh.  Typical and predictable.”  Until I get to the key and vase.  In my mind, I assumed the key would represent something along the lines of unlocking the door of possibility or opportunity.  This is what the book said:

For men, the key indicates how they see their own sexuality (little chubb lock or great big rusty old thing).  And whether they pick it up or not relates to their self-esteem and how comfortable they are with that image.  For women, the key relates to their ideal of male sexuality (good solid housekey or something that’s going to open Pandora’s box).  Whether they pick it up or not again shows how comfortable they are with that image.

I was momentarily caught off guard because I was so sure there was a window to success somewhere that I was supposed to unlock.  I followed that moment with an eruption of laughter!  What are they even talking about right now??  The laughter explosion only continued as I realized that I had left the key on the ground and went on my merry way down the wooded path.  Hmm, could this help resolve some deep issue I might have with the opposite sex?  Nah, I’m pretty sure I just didn’t want to carry around an extra key.  Especially if it wasn’t going to unlock the doors of possibility.

Chapter 8 was all about the colors of your mind and was fairly dull.  Though the answer to question #2 was so random and unhelpful I had to laugh.  The question asked if you’re more comfortable in a sunny room, dimly-lit room, or the dark.  According to the book, if you choose the dark “You are a mole.”  Uh, ok. Sure.  That was completly un-insightful (is that a word?) and well, just plain stupid.

Chapter 9 and 10 were more borring ones.  Chapter 10 being Graphology and I swear I saw an episode on CSI once where they figured out if someone was a serial killer based on their handwriting.  I found my results in that area to be inconclusive.

Overall this quiz told me nothing except that I have way too much free time on my hands.  On my evenly placed phalange hands.


** I have pics to go along with this post but I’ve been trying for a few hours to get them to upload and wordpress isn’t letting me.  I will keep trying and post them as soon as I’m able!

Old McDonald had a farm…

I was reminded of this funny story the other day and thought I needed to write it down.  A few years ago I was visiting my sister and her family.  At the time my nephew was 7 and my niece was 4.  The three of us were downstairs playing on the computer when my nephew told my niece she was a chick.  She got a little upset and insisted that she was a girl and NOT a chick.  But my nephew kept persisting in a sing song voice “Brooklynne’s a chick, Brooklynne’s a chick” and then added “Natalie is a chick, Natalie is a chick”.  Well Brooklynne was getting angrier and insisted that both she and I were girls and not chicks.  So I stepped in and said, “Brooklynne it’s ok.  I’m a chick.  And Kendall is a fox.”  Much to Kendall’s delight b/c then he started chanting, “I’m a fox! I’m a fox.”  Well not to be left out Brooklynne shouted, “Then I’m a horse!”  HAHA kids can be so funny sometimes.