You Suck Barbara

When I’m online there are a few sites that I always check out to read. My sister’s blog, CNN, and People Magazine are a few. So the other day, I read that Barbara Walters signed up on Myspace and was requesting friends because so far she only has two – the creators of the site. I’m fun, cute, normal, so I figured I would sign up as her friend to help her site out. After all, I’m sure to draw in more traffic to her page. Well guess what? That fridged hearted, old crow didn’t accept me as a friend! Geez, Barbara!! What more are you looking for? You think you’re too good for the likes of me? Hears a news flash for you. The only reason the creators are your friend was so that you would spotlight them on your most interesting people of 2007 show – which you did. They’re just using you. You know what, I didn’t really want to be your friend anyway.