Set The DVR

The Biggest Loser premiers tomorrow and ordinarily I wouldn’t really pay that much attention.  I tend to start watching that show a few weeks before the finale so I can see the changes instantly.  And for some reason I really like watching it while eating a big bowl of ice cream.  Go figure.

Anyway, this year one of the contestants is a man from my home town that I actually know.  Matter of fact, I used to be good friends with his daughters and a bunch of us used to hang out at their house every weekend.  While friendships have fallen by the wayside, I’ve always liked Rick and wish him the best in his efforts on the show.  I now have yet another show added to my DVR and hope you will tune in as well.  Go Rick!

Catch Up

Get this, I actually had something to do this weekend.  Real plans!  Friday night I got a call from a friend to see if I wanted to go bowling with her and another girl I didn’t know.  I love bowling so of course I was up for it.  You never know how it’s going to be with new people.  Especially when there are only three of you and two of you don’t know each other.  Is someone going to be the third wheel?  Are you going to have enough in common to have a good conversation?  You just never know.  I had no need to speculate because this other girl was totally cool.  Very funny and sarcastic (in a funny not annoying way) and fit right in.  And I kicked their trash all three games.  This really doesn’t say much about my game but just how much their’s sucked.

Saturday I had plans to go to southern Utah and watch a pageant of how the town was founded by the pioneers.  In case you don’t know, people in Utah are pretty serious about their pioneer heritage.  I was a little nervous about this activity because I really only knew one person that was going in the group.  And I must admit that it started kind of rocky for me and I was desperately trying to think of any excuse I could to get out of going and go back home.  We had to divide and take two cars and I ended up in a car with one other person who is definitely not a talker.  Awkward!  I will say the guy I rode with is very nice just extremely shy and it was kind of a challenge to carry on a conversation.  Especially since I’m not usually good with talking to people I don’t know.  But I persisted and though he may have been wanting me to shut up, I continued to pelt him with questions because I didn’t want to ride almost two hours there and back in silence.

Unfortunately the weather was cold and rainy and the pageant was outside on uncomfortable bleachers.  But at the end of the night or rather the next day when I thought about it, I had to laugh.  Taking into account the awkward conversations, the rain, the wind, the semi-bad food, the incredibly cheesy pageant script, it was pretty funny.  And of course this kind of a experience would happen to me my first time out with a new group of people.  But most importantly, I got to meet and hang out with some new people and having new friends is always a good thing.

Sunday I was talking to a friend for quite a while about a situation he was in and he asked me for some advice.  Later that night I was so bothered by the advice I had given I couldn’t fall asleep.  I remember looking at the clock at 12:30 and I must have finally fallen asleep because I woke up at 2:30.  Instantly I remembered the bad advice I gave and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I got up and started writing out notes on what I should have said to him.  I never did go back to sleep and instead went to work an hour earlier than usual and tried to function on my two hour nap for the day.  Once I got to work I immediately sent him an email with the new advice and for my part, felt much better.  Not that my advice was so vitally important that he was going to follow it, but I still felt like I needed to correct myself.

It turned out to be a day for advice and using me as a sounding board because two other friends I spoke with yesterday had issues and frustrations they were trying to resolve.  I’m glad they trust me enough to confide in me but I also couldn’t help think “you do realize I’m functioning on a two hour night’s sleep right?”  I hope it didn’t show – at least not too much anyway.

Last night there was a church activity that I was not planning on going to.  There’s one every Monday night and I’ve only gone two or three times in the past year.  It’s just not my thing.  I always feel awkward and uncomfortable when I go.  But it was a barbeque so I figured I would go and at least get some free food.  I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and was in debate about taking them because the last time I took a dessert there was an entire table full and mine wasn’t really needed.  But I figured they weren’t going to turn it down.  It’s dessert afterall, who’s going to say no to that?  I’m glad I did because someone had brought a package of Chips Ahoy cookies and that was pretty much it.  And you know what?  The activity wasn’t that bad.  Because I had just been with and met a few of them on Saturday at the pageant I didn’t feel uncomfortable being around them last night so I was really glad I went.

That’s my rambling catch up from the past weekend.  Now if I could only catch up on my sleep!

St. George, I Salute You

I got back lastnight from my week down in St. George, Utah and while I’m glad I’m out of the car and back in my own apartment, I really wish I was still down there hanging out with no agenda.  But here are some recaps of the trip:

I got down to St. George around 7 PM on Wednesday night and went straight to dinner with a friend from college.  I’ve only seen her once before since those days 10 years ago so it was good to catch up.  Sorry, Amanda none of the pics I took looked good so…yeah.



Then I made my way to the house my mom and I were going to be staying in.  It belongs to a friend of my mom’s from high school so it was free and much better than staying in a hotel:


And that’s the rental my mom drove.  I don’t believe in love at first sight but may have to change my mind because I fell madly, head over heels in love with the XM Satelite Radio in the car.  Much to my mom’s chagrin, I’m sure, I kept the tuner on hits from the 90s all week.  I had quite the time crooning to Boyz II Men and Informer…ok so I didn’t really croon to Informer since the only word I understand is when the guy says “Informer” then it’s downhill from there.  Oh except when he says, “A licky boom-boom down” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

We did a lot of driving around and visited a lot with her friends from back in the day.  Which to be honest, was at times a little dull for me but the point of the visit was to do exactly those things so I got over it.  I did manage to get away a couple of times on my own and go shopping.  Yeah I know, I’m not a shopper so I don’t know what the deal was but nevertheless I found some fun, cute clothes and was happy.  While I was in Maurice’s they had some deal where if you spent a certain amount you got a free pair of flip flops or sunglasses.  I have so so many flip flops so I opted for the sunglasses.  Thing is, I don’t wear sunglasses ever.  But they were free so why not.  I didn’t really like any and picked up a pair that made me look like The Fly.  I said as much and the girl at the counter said, “No, big sunglasses are cool.”  I refrained from saying what I was thinking which was, “What do you know?  You probably weren’t even born until the 90s started and you have a piercing in your face.  I’m not sure I want to take fashion tips from you.”  But just to hurry and get out of the store I took them.  And you know what?  I LOVE them!  Because I’m practically wearing goggles there isn’t the annoying peripheral vison problem where you look straight and it’s dark and look down or to the side and it’s sunny.  Gotta love the reflection in those babies!


The weather was perfect ( that’s the blue sky and me giving the ok sign) while we were down there and so for a while one afternoon we just sat outside at a park and watched kids playing in the fountain.  One kid was kind of funny because the water had gone down and he was venturing out (he was just learning to walk) when the water shot back on.  His reaction was funny and sadly I didn’t get a pic of it.


There were a lot of kids running around in the water and I wanted to join in but alas, I was not wearing a swimming diaper:


We did a lot of driving around looking at the new developments in the area and walked around the historical downtown and even went on a few of the tours they had available.  They were all pretty low key which was nice but the best one by far was one we took at the visitor’s center at the temple.  A lady by the name of Angela Johnson has sculpted the life of Chirst in different bronze statues that are AMAZING!  I couldn’t believe the detail she was able to produce and all the pieces were stunning.  The pics here don’t do justice (and I wasn’t able to take my own pics inside).  St. George is interesting because it’s growing into a sizeable modern town but they manage to maintain a certain degree of small town feel to it as well.  This store was next to a bed and breakfast (you can see in the background) but was also across from a large shopping area. 


They sold old school candy in here along with the old fashioned fountain/ice cream drinks.  They even had those old cigarette candy sticks that I didn’t think were even made anymore.  Go figure.

One day we went to eat lunch at Outback Steakhouse and one of the waiters was a guy that I knew down in Guatemala (he was actually in my MTC group).  So that was cool to see him, it’s been almost 4 years I think,  and catch up.  He suggested I go onto Facebook (guess there’s a reason I have that dumb account after all) and link up with a few others that were down there with as well.  I did and it’s been getting back into contact with people.

The last tid-bit that I’m going to mention is that my mom and I go on walks at night around the neighborhood.  So we did that while we were there for a couple of nights.  The first night I noticed something a little odd but didn’t point it out because I was interested in the news she was telling me.  Well the second night I noticed the same thing and so this time I pointed to the sky and said, “Look bats.”  It was odd because I always assumed bats only lived in caves but there were a handful of them fluttering around in the trees.  It was fun to watch until a few of them flew a little too low and got a little too close for comfort.  We left after that.  I realize now in hindsight that it would have made for a great, if not interesting blog entry to say that I was bit by a bat.  But I’m doubtful something cool like turning into a vampire would have occured and instead I would be writing about turning rabid which may be entertaining to some of you but is not something I want to experience.  Even if it does make for an interesting blog entry.

So that’s pretty much this past week I had.  Very relaxing and fun.  Thanks for coming out mom!!

Green is Definitely Her Color

I got the lamest email I’ve ever received today. It came from a girl that I only met once, who is the girlfriend of a former co-worker whom I’ve been friends with for almost 6 or 7 years. Let me set up the back story. I used to work at a university a few years back doing landscape. After my first summer there, a new guy was hired and we became friends. I quit working there but we stay in contact through instant messaging off and on. In July I went back home to Arkansas for the first time in almost two years. While I was home we had planned to go to lunch while he was on his lunch break one day. So I get home and give him a call to arrange the time and place for lunch. Apparently he and his girlfriend and had a massive fight over the lunch and according to him, were barely speaking to each other. So here enters the girlfriend. Sometime after I quit working at the university, this girl was hired and that’s how she and my friend met and began dating.

So when I heard that they had had a huge fight, I suggested that it might not be a good idea to get together or at the very least she should come along so she could see for herself that our friendship was completely platonic. What was then decided was that I would stop by their house one afternoon to meet her and we would catch up on stuff there. Based on this I was under the assumption that they had worked out their differences and that she was ok with this arrangement. It was quite clear when I got there however, that they had resolved nothing and the whole time was awkward and tense. Not to mention she had the TV on while we sat in the front room and kept talking about whatever it was that she was watching. After about 40 min. or so, my friend got up to go get their take out they had ordered and asked if I wanted to ride with him or stay at the house. Hmm, let’s see. How about neither? No way did I want to stay in that house alone with her and that would really ease the tension if I took off with him. So I said I had to get going and just left.

Fast forward to this past week. I went home for Christmas and once again had planned to get together with him for lunch. Let me also just say that he was not the first, last, or only person I met up with while I was home. Anyway, I caught him online and asked what day and time he wanted to meet up. He picked a day but wasn’t sure about a time so we decided that we would just meet up on IM later that week to settle the details. On Friday morning (the day we were supposed to have lunch) I noticed he was online so I asked when and where. No response. So I logged off and tried back a few hours later. Again no response. So I give him a call because I had other plans for that day and needed to know what the deal was. He answered and said that he’s sick and can’t make it but maybe the next time I’m in town we can get together. Was he sick or not? I don’t know but no biggie, I said ok catch you later and went on with the other plans I had for the day. I flew back here to Utah to find this in my email:

You don’t really know me, though we’ve met once. And I’m sure you’ve heard my name mentioned by Jeremy. I am Jolene, his girlfriend.. I am sure that you have very little to do with this problem that i see, but since Jeremy will not address it, I will. I do not know you, and you didn’t seem in to much of a state to get to know me the one time you came to my house. I would appreciate it if you would no longer contact Jeremy, especially to ask to go on a lunch date. Jeremy assures me that it is totally platonic, and maybe it is. But this is the second time i was informed after the fact (and not by Jeremy) that you and he had lunch plans. I consider it extremely disrespectful. You can send him a copy of this if you’d like, it really won’t change anything. So i’d appreciate it if you would just erase him from your contacts. If you see him on line, ignore him. And by no means try to make any further lunch dates with him.
My first thought is that this is ridiculous and she can’t possibly be serious because last time I check neither one of us were 14. But apparently she is serious and to that I give an emphatic eye roll followed by a good grief, among other things. So let’s review the facts:
1. I’ve known and been friends with him longer than she has by a few years.
2. I don’t even live in the same state as they do and have only gone home to visit twice in over 2 years. There’s no secret get togethers going on.
3. He is not the only person I call to go visit when I’m home and she knows this b/c we talked about me visiting with other people on the crew that she knows.
4. I had no idea he hadn’t told her about our lunch plans and at least the first time I asked if she wanted to come along.
5. I’m not the one that made contact with him on IM and as a matter of fact I can count on one hand how many times I’ve initiated contact with him through IM.
  So I thought about sending her a response explaining everything but the whole thing is just so lame. I’m sorry the two of   you are having major relationship problems especially in the area of trust but that’s not my fault. What I will say is thanks for the laugh psycho. I needed it.

Barbara update

I didn’t check my myspace page in about a week and when I logged on today guess who deemed me acceptable to be her friend.  Yep, Miss Walters herself assistants.  I guess she they finally got around to cleaning out all the email requests because she now has over 11,000 friends.  11,000???  Good grief, and out of 256 pages I’m probably on page 255.  Some friend you are.  After all that I think I’ll be deleting myself off her page. 

You Suck Barbara

When I’m online there are a few sites that I always check out to read. My sister’s blog, CNN, and People Magazine are a few. So the other day, I read that Barbara Walters signed up on Myspace and was requesting friends because so far she only has two – the creators of the site. I’m fun, cute, normal, so I figured I would sign up as her friend to help her site out. After all, I’m sure to draw in more traffic to her page. Well guess what? That fridged hearted, old crow didn’t accept me as a friend! Geez, Barbara!! What more are you looking for? You think you’re too good for the likes of me? Hears a news flash for you. The only reason the creators are your friend was so that you would spotlight them on your most interesting people of 2007 show – which you did. They’re just using you. You know what, I didn’t really want to be your friend anyway.