Childhood vs. Adulthood

When I was a kid I was always in a hurry to grow up and be an adult.  Now that I’m an adult, being a kid doesn’t seem so bad.

1.  When you’re a kid you don’t have to worry about anything.  You want food?  Voila!  There it is.  Cooked and ready for the taking.

2.  Who cares about money and paying for bills?   You have no financial responsibilities whatsoever, your biggest problem is trying to figure out how to stay up past your bed time.

3.  And while we’re on the subject of sleeping, as a kid you’re actually forced to take naps.  I wish there were mandatory nap times at work now.

4.  You have boundless energy!  There aren’t any sore or stiff muscles.  Kids don’t walk around the next day after a basketball game saying, “Oh my back!  My knees!”

5.  You want to dress up like a princess or a super hero go ahead.  You’re a kid, people think it’s cute and adorable not weird or creepy  like they will when you get older.

6.  Kids can say anything and no one gets offended.  It’s like they get an automatic free pass or something.  “Oh that’s just kids being kids.”  Well, I guess old people get this pass too so it goes to both sides.

7.  Kids aren’t inhibited by what people think.  They’re so trusting and let their imaginations take over.

Yes, being a kid definitely has its perks.  But then I got to thinking about the things I can enjoy now that I couldn’t as a kid.

1.  I can drive now.  So when I want to go somewhere, I do.

2.  Sure I may have to pay bills but I can also buy whatever I want when I want it.  No more begging and cyring in the aisle now I just swipe a little plastic card and walk away happy.

3.  So no one is fixing my food for me but I don’t have to eat things I don’t want to anymore.  I don’t like oatmeal and now I never have to eat it again.  If I want to eat brownie batter for breakfast I’m going to and no one is going to tell me that I can’t.

4.  There are no more bed times.  If I’m right in the middle of a show or doing something I can finish it that night rather than missing it or waiting until the next day.  Of course staying up late is when the mandatory naps at work would come in handy.

5.  No more bed times also means no more curfews.  When I’m with my friends I don’t have to keep looking at my watch to make sure I make it home on time.

6.  You have more life experiences and can see and understand the broader picture.

I don’t know.  Seems like there should be a happy medium between the two.

13 thoughts on “Childhood vs. Adulthood

  1. I think while everyone has to eventually grow up, people should always put aside time to do those kid things like dress up like a princess or a super hero. To do something unbelieveably kid-like. Finger paint, play in the rain, play a game, etc. If everyone put aside a little time for that, it’d make people appreciate being an adult but would keep them from acting too adult. Because no one should forget what it’s like to be a kid. :]

    I agree! Sometimes I ask to babysit for my friends because that’s a couple of hours I can act silly and be like a kid again. But to do something everyday would probably be better.

  2. I so agree with this post – so many times I’ve wished for mandatory naps and I remember loathing them completely as a kid!!

    Yeah I remember trying to get out of them as a kid too. What an idiot!

  3. I was just thinking something like this the other day! The kids that I watch during the week seem to have it so easy to me but they just looked at me with huge saucer eyes the other day when I told them that I got to have popcorn for dinner.

    Haha that’s great they were envious of your popcorn dinner!

  4. There is a happy medium, it’s called college. See, in college, your only responsibility is to to go to class. And even that can be fudged at times. You might have a few bills, but other than that, it is a time to have fun with minimal responsibilities.

    You’re right, college is the happy medium. No wonder there are people that stay there forever. And here I thought they were losers when in fact they had it all figured out!

  5. I agree with the napping, but I am a lifetime napper! My favorite part of the day in Kindergarten was when I got to pull out my mat, chose if I wanted to sleep on the red side or the blue side, and konked out! Now when I get to nap, it’s as if I fall into a coma. I love it!

    I do wish I had a chef. Sigh.

    My problem with napping is that it sounds like a great idea and I always say I want to do it but when it comes down to it, I don’t. I think I’m not being productive enough or whatever. It’s ridiculous and I just need to get over it and go to sleep!

  6. What…so it would be creepy if I dress up like a princess and hit up a bar!?!??! Damn….But i think we can try our best to find a happy medium between the two, though I still can’t figure out how to make the mandatory nap thing at work happen…maybe that is one that I just have to give up 😉 …and if we want food made for us we can always get drive-thru in those fancy cars that we know how to drive 😉

  7. Sometimes I watch my son and remember being his age, thinking in that special four year old way. I think that is the best part about kids…you get to recycle your own childhood but still enjoy the perks of adulthood, like getting to stay up too late reading blogs, drinking pop whenever you want, and having a car is a nice adult bennie, too!

    All good points. That’s what I like about babysitting sometimes. I get to act silly like a kid but get the perks of being an adult.

  8. I love this post. I also find it ironic that a nap and a bath were the things we hate most as children, but are perks in adulthood.

    This is so true! I don’t know why I was ever against either.

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