Where Did November Go?

So…uh, what happened to November folks??  I don’t really know where to begin because the post I’ve been thinking about posting is irrelevant seeing as how Halloween is long over and gone.  So just imagine, I walked around my neighborhood and took pictures of the decorations people put up and some of them were pretty cool.  A lot of people around here did some sort of decorations even if it was minimal.  One of my favorites was a ginormous spider a guy built out of PCP pipe with glowing green fangs and put up in the front yard.  I’d post the pics but they didn’t turn out all that well now that I’m looking back at them.  We even decorated our porch which was a cross between nice harvest with pumpkins and hay bales and typical Halloween with spider webs and ghosts.  I even tried to make this:

It didn’t quite turn out exactly like this but good enough.  Another reason I’m not posting pictures is because my computer is going through a freak out period.  I just got it a few months ago and there’s already some sort of hardware glitch.  Lovely.  I’ve talked to tech support on two separate occasions and all I’m wanting them to do is send me a box to put my computer in so I can send it to be repaired.  It is now a month after my initial call and I still don’t have a box.  Grrr.  I will be making yet another call tomorrow and may have to ask to be transferred to their complaints department or something.  It’s frustrating and annoying.  And I’m annoyed that I have to talk to some guy in India who I can’t understand and who can’t understand me.  Double Grrr.

With the semester coming to an end I’ve been bombarded with papers, projects, assignments, etc.  The good thing is I’m starting to see the end.  Whoo hoo!  We had family in for Thanksgiving which was fun.  I was a cooking fool last weekend.  I made a big dinner the night before then cooked the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and made four pumpkin pies.  I love pumpkin pie.  All the cooking is just the warm up for the Christmas desserts that need to be made.  Last year I baked a little over 400 cookies, 5 loaves of bread, three batches of fudge, 2 batches of cream cheese brownie bars, 2 or 3 batches of homemade oreo cake/cookies, and tried divinity which I ended up being sidelined for because that’s really hard to make.  Maybe this year.  Speaking of the Christmas season, all the holiday movies have started up which I’m apparently a sucker for.  So odd because ordinarily I can’t stand Lifetime or Hallmark but sprinkle in Christmas and I can’t turn it off.  Go figure.

Well for some stupid reason I woke up at 3:45 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I hate that.  So I”m going to go attempt to do that now.  But I’m going to leave you with what I discovered making a web outside my window:

Ok, ok so it wasn’t really a goliath birdeating tarantula out there but it may as well have been.  It was totally big and creepy.  Well, pleasant dreams!

It turned out great

Last Thursday I went with my roommate and her family to Salt Lake to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas Concert.  I must admit when she first asked if I wanted to go, I inwardly groaned because one I am not a fan of the choir and two I’m not a fan of hanging out with her family.  But I said yes that I would like to go and secretly dreaded it for two weeks.  So Thursday night I got ready and we waited for her parents to show up.  Because of some arrangements dealing with one of her sisters, they were an hour late in coming and I thought my roommate was going to blow a gasket.  We finally left but of course we were in bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate and didn’t make it to Salt Lake until a after seven.  Our tickets were at will call and we had until 7:30 to pick them up or they would be given away and it was clear that at 7:20 we were not going to make it.  We were still about a block away from the Conference Center and were about to sit through our third light not moving.  So one of my roommate’s sisters jumped out of the car and ran to the center to get the tickets.  About 10 min. later we still had not moved so my roommate, her mom, and I jumped out and ran to the center and to my surprise her sister had the tickets and we just had to make our way in.  Well there was no assigned seating so we ended up being scattered with the unorganized plan of meeting each other in the back among the throng of people trying to leave at the same time.  By the way, her sister and dad never made it into the Conference Center but instead had to watch in the Tabernacle across the street.

The program starts and I’m thinking to myself, “You can get through this it’s only an hour and half of your life.”  To my great surprise I had a blast!!  The guest performers were a group called The Kingston Singers.  According to the program they’re from England, have been performing for 40 years, and apparently are awsome.  And they were!  Although reading that they had been performing for 40 years I assumed it meant these particular individuals and they would therefore be old.  But they must operate somewhat like the group Menudo because only one or two looked like they could have maybe been in the group that long (but doubtful) and one of the singers looked my age so at some point they must have to quit and make room for someone else.

The whole program was beautiful and The Kingston Singers were pretty funny.  It’s hard to say what my favorite song was but Riu, Riu, Chiu, O Holy Night, Little Drummer Boy, and 12 Days of Christmas would be among them.  What made 12 Days of Christmas so fun was that they had dancers come out dressed up in costumes to match each day.  Fabulous, absolutely fabulous!

When the concert ended I was able to find my roommate quite quickly and we reunited with her dad and sister quickly as well.  And then her dad forgot where he parked the car.  Literally forgot.  We wandered for at least a city block completely lost with no idea where it could be.  And it was FREEZING outside.  We did however find a Carl’s Jr. and while her dad and sister continued to walk around aimlessly in search for the car, the rest of us went in to eat and get warm.  Eventually the car was found and we were on our way back home.  Despite the rocky start and finish of the night, the concert was amazing and outweighed the rest of the evening!

Damn you Lifetime!

Let me start off by saying other than re-runs of Reba and Still Standing, I do not watch Lifetime.  It’s a man hating, everybody has a terminal illness, gee I guess I really do love my family more than work TV network.  So for the love of all that’s holy, would someone please tell me why I have been watching these sappy made for TV Christmas programs ALL DAY!!?? Literally.  I turned the TV on around 8:30 this morning and it’s still on almost 13 hours later.  Did I go to church?  Nope.  Did I even go outside?  Not really.  Did I get dressed?  Try again.  Did I do ANYTHING that would be considered productive?  Uh uh.  So thanks a lot Lifetime with your feel good, overly sappy, life is always perfect if you just believe load of crap.  You’ve successfully helped me to accomplish nothing today.


Holy crap work is borring!!  I work for a company that depends on our customers to send in their photos/slides/videos for us to scan and upload to their website.  This is my third holiday season working for this company and it’s usually the busiest time of the year.  Last year,  for about 3 months, I worked 6 days a week and averaged about 70-75 hours during that week.  The paychecks were awsome!!  However, I don’t know what the deal is this year but it’s December already and I’m pulling teeth to find stuff to do to fill an 8 hour shift.  Some things I have managed to do while maintaining my regular work include: reading CNN online about 10 times a day, reading People online about 10 times a day, reading other people’s blogs, writing my own blogs (like I’m doing now), check my email about 10 times a day, chat with people on messenger, surf myspace, surf facebook, read Dracula, study Spanish, done most of my Christmas shopping, paid online bills, play on flickr, taken care of the visiting teaching numbers, thought up new recipes to try out with fudge (now that I’m a pro!), addressed my Christmas cards…for crying out loud!!!  WHAT ELSE CAN I DO??!!?

Ode to Pete

A few Christmases ago I, along with a co-worker, wrote this great poem about our boss Pete. At the time, I had been working there for about 8 months and for whatever reason had never really talked to Pete much. I don’t know why really because he was one of my favorite people there. That being said, I was the perfect person to stand in front of our entire division at the Christmas party and surprise everyone (Pete mostly I would think) with this dedicatory poem:


Professionally, proficiently, and productively practices the preservation of a plethora of pictures.

Purposely pushing people past prior performance predictions.

Passionately planning pizza and punch parties proving the pleasing power of paid procrastination.

Progressing past predicaments while proudly polishing preciously pampered PCs.


Exercising extreme efficiency while empowering every employee…except Sean b/c he’s lazy.

Evaluating the essence of errors established evidently everlasting and ever so exasperating.

Ethically, yet evasively explaining editing essentials exceeding every erroneous expectation.

Ewoks evidently evolutionize elephant ears while eating eggplants.


Tirelessly training temps teaching them to think thoughtful teamwork-type togetherness.

Tempting, though taboo, to touch or take table top trinkets…cuz Pete’s pretty particular about the things on his desk

Telepathetically transcending trivial, tidious tension tide to tough trials twisted in a tapestry of talented technically tyranny.

Triumphantly taking the time to tend to tons of tiring tours telling the timid tandem today is the first day of the rest of your life so start selling Photomax!


End. As in the end of the poem.