Here Are the Pics

These are just some of the pics that show the highlights of the vacation.  If you want to see the nature pics from Washington and a couple from Idaho go here – come on, you know you want to!

Three Days and Counting

…until I leave on vacation!!!  Here’s the official breakdown for the next 2 1/2 weeks (because if I have to remember it all, you at least have to read about it)

– July 21st: Mom and I fly from Little Rock to Salt Lake

– July 22nd: Drive from SLC to Idaho Falls/Rexburg with mom

– July 23rd:  Attend brother’s graduation

– July 24th:  Drive from IF to SLC with mom and possibly brother.  Fly out of SLC to Spokane, WA to hang out with friend (VERY excited about this part!!)

– July 29th: Fly from WA to SLC

– July 30th: Drive from SLC to Burley, ID with mom, sister,  and brother.  Meeting brother’s fiance there.

– July 31st:  Attend sister’s triathlon in Burley.  Drive from Burley to SLC with all of the same people.  Attend family reunion in SLC

– Aug 1st:  Fly from SLC to LA with mom, sister, brother, and brother’s fiance to meet up with other sister and her family and head to Disneyland

– Aug 4th:  Fly from LA to SLC with brother and brother’s fiance.

– Aug 6th/7th:  Drive from Utah to Arkansas with brother

– Aug 8th:  Sequester myself in my room away from human contact

– Aug 9th:  Emerge from room to go back to work at preschool

Will we all get along the whole time and still like each other when it’s over?  Probably not.  There’s too many possible high stress situations for one trip: college graduation, triathlon, a family reunion for pete’s sake, and Disneyland.  Multiplied by all the time we’ll be trapped in a car for long periods of time.  I also predict that I have a dormant illness that will manifest itself the afternoon of July 31st.  Guess the reunion is out for me…darn it.  This trip is one for the books and should be interesting to say the least.  At least there should be good blogging material right?  RIGHT???  Despite my misgivings, I’m actually pretty excited.  Ahh, the naivety of beginnings.

Disney Weekend

As some of you (most of you) have probably read, I spent the weekend at Disneyland hanging out with Pammy Girl.  I can’t believe how fast the weekend flew especially since most of it was spent standing in line but fly it did.  And I have to say California Adventure is better than Disney.  Sorry Mickey but it’s true.


This is what I thought of the long lines.  And what I thought I would look like after the ride that drops you 1000 ft.  Good thing they have barf shields for those that need it.  And a very good thing I didn’t need it!


Here we are in the largest freak’n farris wheel I’ve ever seen.  Sure I’m all smiles on the outside but inside I was thinking, “if this little metal cage breaks I’m going to be very put out!”

Pammy Girl’s not the only one that learned something on this trip.  I discovered that I’m part vampire or part dead or part something not quite right because parts of my face are missing in these next few shots:



I must say the Hollywood Hotel Tower of Terror ended up being my favorite ride between both parks.  We went on it twice and both times I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

I had a blast and am glad I was invited for this last weekend hurrah!