Snow Day

Technically I don’t really get a snow day since I don’t have a job but that’s just a minor detail.  Today I woke up to snow covering the ground and a steady fall for about 5 hours.  I get that for a lot of you snow’s not a big deal but remember, I live in Arkansas.  I honestly can’t even remember the last time we had a snow fall this good and the snow was PERFECT for snowballs and snowmen.

My mom’s office closed down at lunch and not long after she came home I convinced her (she’s 67 years old by the way) to go outside with me where I engaged her in a snowball fight.  How many of you can say you’ve been in snowball fight with your mom?  Not many I’d guess.  She had a couple good hits but I totally kicked her trash.  Love you mom!

The first pic is the before and the other two are the after.

I wanted to make a snowman Calvin and Hobbes style and set out to make this:

The snowman was easy enough but you wouldn’t believe how hard shark fins are to make.  At least for someone snow sculpting challenged.  So I gave up.  But many of the neighbors went ahead and made snowmen in their yards.

Did I mention I live in Arkansas?

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Ok, maybe it isn’t frightful but I’m still not overly excited either. I don’t like snow. I don’t like to be cold or wet and combine it with trying to drive in this mess and for me it’s miserable. So why do I live in Utah? Good question and every winter I ask myself the same thing. This is my third one and hopefully my last (in this case the third time has not turned out to be a charm but rather a strike out). I suppose I should be happy that the snow has held out this long. Last year we had snow off and on starting toward the very end of October. They year before it rained everyday for 2 or 3 weeks again starting in October. I remember b/c that was when I decided to move out here. I have no idea why I didn’t wait until the new year and bypass that Utah winter. Anyway, so to have it wait until the first day of December is kind of nice. And since I technically don’t have to leave the apartment for two days, maybe it will be gone before I head to work Monday morning…aww happy thoughts. By the way, I haven’t figured out how to get my flickr pics on my blog posts so just take a look at the weather pics on the flickr bar to the side.