Been a While…Who Are You Again?

I admit that I was slow in coming but eventually joined in on the technological bandwagon and am the proud owner of a Myspace page, Facebook page, and blog.  At first I couldn’t get enough of Myspace and all free time was spent perusing through profiles.  Then came Facebook.  I joined Facebook to “keep up” with those friends who didn’t have Myspace.  But my interest in both have waned.  I do however think the blog will keep my interest sparked.

For the past few months both my Facebook and Myspace pages have been mostly dormant.  Then out of the blue I started receiving messages and friend requests from the most random people.  After shuffling through the weirdos and freaks on Myspace, I linked over to Facebook to see who my requests were from.  Former high school alumni.  Now you may be wondering, “What’s so strange about that?”  What’s strange is that I haven’t talked to any of the five of them since the 7th grade.  And we’ve been graduated for 11 years.  Come to think of it, I’ve never spoken to two of them before in my life even though I think we MIGHT have had some classes together at some point.  And all five of them were in the “popular click” in school while I was…well I was not.  I wasn’t really anything in high school which is the best position to find yourself.

Being an analyzer (and incredibly bored at work) I took a look at my five people and this is what I’ve noticed:


5 people

3 girls

2 guys

girl #1 is single,  girl #2 and #3 are married

guy #1 is single,  guy #2 is married

all 5 have 100 or more friends listed on their page


Conclusion:  No matter sex or marital status, the most important thing is to have as many people as possible listed as collector’s items friends on your page.

I don’t get this.  I thought the point of both pages was to stay in contact with people you actually want to stay in contact with.  People you know.  Maybe they can’t help it, after all they were part of the cool, popular crowd.  Maybe having people around all the time is something they’re indoctrinated with.  Or maybe they just have me confused with someone else. 




14 thoughts on “Been a While…Who Are You Again?

  1. Its the new “people you might know” application on facebook that has led to this. mine are almost all kids from my school who are a year younger then me. fu-un

  2. Yes, it’s kinda shameful, and I’m approaching 200 “friends” on my profile. I’m a Facebook Friend Whore. Luis Fernando Alejos, BTW (see, I’m even advertising!).

  3. I was the same kid in high school. I don’t even have a real myspace or facebook. I have some toned down version of both, without any pics or personal info. Mostly so I can log in and look at other people’s profiles.

  4. This post made me laugh. Funny how people feel more “popular” online with the more friends they have. I guess I’m a real loser because I don’t have many “friends” on myspace or facebook. Speaking of which, I have been able to fly under the radar in regards to a certain old roommate. Not that I am complaining! You know who I’m talking about. 🙂

  5. I’m a 30+ MySpace friend kind of person and even that is too many sometimes. I have had an especially sticky situation lately when my nephew-in-law (older than I am) and his fiance split. I wanted to remove her from the list to protect the privacy of the nephew-in-law, but she keeps sending me nice messages. Agh, what to do.

    I wasn’t popular in school either.

  6. I don’t have a Myspace or Facebook page. I have a girlfriend though who calls to tell me that she has over 200 friends on her Myspace page.

    I made the mistake a few years ago of going to a site called People who I didn’t know from high school were contacting me. It was so weird.

  7. kelltick: Ahh, I noticed that and even looked through it but I wouldn’t ever use it unless I actually knew the person. But to each their own I guess.

    duffboy: 200 huh? I don’t think I even know that many people.

    Alyson: That’s pretty much the only reason I have them, is so I can look at other people’s profiles.

    Leigh: You’re not a loser – I’m on both your myspace and facebook so that says a lot about the company you’re keeping (and it’s good! j/k) I have about 30 or just under on both of mine and even some of those I don’t know. Good luck staying under the radar – I’ve managed as well!

    Allison: Yeah I think I have maybe 30 people on Myspace and I don’t even keep up with those people very well. That is a tough situation. Maybe your nephew-in-law could just put his page on a private setting so she can’t view it.

    Sarah: I’m not sure if this is the same site as or not but I get so much junk mail from some reunion site. I have no recollection of ever registering on it but I guess I did. It’s annoying and I whish it would go away!

  8. My rule: if I wasn’t cool enough to talk to in high school, you’re not cool enough to be my Facebook friend. Immature but I’m waaay to old to be dealing with such bull shit. High school is OVER.

  9. Oh man I know exactly what you are saying. At first I would add those people on facebook, because I thought I was supposed to remember them for some reason… I mean they went to my school and we had all these mutal friends, but then I was like wait… if I can’t even remember them why would I care? Delete. As for my myspace…. yeah I sort of just forget about it.

  10. sadiesadie: Good point! I kind of thought the same thing, like maybe we did have some sort of connection other than being students that I was supposed to remember. And I started to feel guilty if I rejected them. But then I thought the same thing as you…and figured if it’s taken them over 10 years to try and make contact then forget it.

  11. My graduating class in high school was under 50 people, and I’d gladly add all of them to Myspace or Facebook…if I cared enough to bother with either.

    Well, I have both a Myspace and a Facebook page, but I haven’t logged into either of them in more than three months. Most of my friends aren’t a part of the “social networking revolution” because…well, probably because we’re old.

    People with 200+ friends listed on Myspace scare me (no offense duffboy), I don’t WANT to know that many people by name. I have a hard time remembering the twenty or so birthdays/anniversaries/important-dates-of-note in my life now…200 people’s birthdays?!?! OMG. NO.

  12. Dead Charming: Only 50 in your graduating class? I think my class had somewhere around 500 or so. I know that I know hundreds of people by name (or maybe I just want to think I do) but I agree, it’s too much to keep up with all of those people.

  13. I want to a private boarding high-school out in the dry farmlands of south-central Idaho. My freshmen class had 142 students. 48 graduated. Attrition is pretty high, but the matriculation rate is over 95%. Which is good, because a year of tuition for high-school cost more than a year of tuition at college for me.

    And besides, there just aren’t that many kids that want to go to a private, religious, boarding school where meat, caffeine, and PDA were grounds for suspension and/or expulsion.

    I already lived with my high-school friends for four years. At this point in life knowing who’s still alive (all of them), who’s married (most of them) or who’s discovered they’re gay (more than you’d expect) are really the only items of note. After that anything I wanted to know could be found out through the church grapevine anyway…so Myspace and Facebook…meh.

  14. Its a hard word are live we have ,we don’t know what will come . Im 46 old male not been out much like to meet peolpe who like to have some fun , but haven had much luck some people say they want to be friends but they don’t get back to me if you like to talk to me . love to find some friends.

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