Valentine Tradition

A few years ago my brother and I made some heart shaped sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day.  Instead of decorating them pink with pretty sprinkles, we iced them black and wrote what most people really think of the opposite sex (you know you’ve thought these).  Here are the contenders for Valentine’s Day 2012:

Some of these were repeats, some new, but all had us cracking up while we made them.

4 thoughts on “Valentine Tradition

  1. I’m concerned about the art work on the “smell this” cookie. Could you please clarify what the heck that is?? Of course my mind is going straight to the gutter…and while it made me laugh…I just can’t see you being THAT filthy. ha ha I love the “stalker”, “move out of ur mom’s house” and “hell to the no”. ha ha Fantastic.

    Thanks. Oh the irony of “move out of ur mom’s house”.

  2. But (one t, not referencing your “smell this” cookie) how did they taste? Was the icing chocolate flavored? These are the things I want to know.

    (And the sayings are very clever.)

    They tasted really good. The icing was not chocolate though. It was powdered sugar and milk dyed black. We ended up throwing most of them out, not b/c they tasted but but we just never got around to eating them. Plus I didn’t really want to give them to anyone (though my brother took a plateful to work for his co-workers) b/c of what they said on them. And they dyed your mouth and teeth black.

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