Set The DVR

The Biggest Loser premiers tomorrow and ordinarily I wouldn’t really pay that much attention.  I tend to start watching that show a few weeks before the finale so I can see the changes instantly.  And for some reason I really like watching it while eating a big bowl of ice cream.  Go figure.

Anyway, this year one of the contestants is a man from my home town that I actually know.  Matter of fact, I used to be good friends with his daughters and a bunch of us used to hang out at their house every weekend.  While friendships have fallen by the wayside, I’ve always liked Rick and wish him the best in his efforts on the show.  I now have yet another show added to my DVR and hope you will tune in as well.  Go Rick!

For a Lack of Something Better to Write About

Ok, I’m in a funk and need to write something regardless of what it is or I might never come out of it.  Hence this post.  Lately I’ve been reading books by Patricia Cornwell at rapid succession and while I love her series to death (ha pun intended) there comes a point when I need to put the books down.  In case you’re unfamiliar with her stuff it’s about a forensic pathologist so you read about gruesome murders and psycho freaky serial killers.  Her series is fiction but the mind can start to wander and after a bit you really need to focus on things like cotton candy, animal balloons, and  jumping rope.  Unless you see those two dead little girls from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies singing “One, two Freddy’s coming for you…” in which case you should swich to hopscotch.

But going back to candy, possibly one of my most favorite things in the world, I’m debating on whether I should buy some for Halloween or not.  I live in a complex consisting of mostly single people with a few young families mixed in.  I can’t remember if anyone rang our bell last year or not but I don’t want to be unprepared right?  And besides, I can always just eat it for myself if no one comes.  Jr. Mints are my candy of choice.  What could be better than the sweetness of dark chocolate enveloping creamy mint?  Hmm, glad I have a box next to me right now.

On the opposite of candy, I’m on the continuous quest of finding a healthy snack for on the go.  Not as easy as it sounds let me assure you.  I have this thing for wanting bite sized food items like crackers or chips but in a nice convenient bag or box.  Oh and it has to be healthy.  Lately I’ve resorted to Wheat Thins which, while tasting good and semi healthyish, the box isn’t so on-the-go friendly.  However, I did just find tiny bags of mini-carrots in the store which might turn out to be my new thing.  They contain the perfect amount of carrots while being in a nice travel size bag.  Come to think of it, maybe I should pass those out for Halloween along with the little boxes of raisins.  Just kidding, I don’t want some kid to deface my door because I didn’t give him sugar.

I’ve been maintaining gym time everyday which on one hand has been awesome.  When I first started running I could barely run a half mile without hacking up my lungs but I’m up to almost 3 miles now and feel great.  And yes, I realize there are quite a few of you that run marathons which is beyond amazing but as I said, I’m happy to not actually see my lung on the treadmill.  The down side is that I can see myself becoming obsessive with it.  Everyday I fight this urge to become crazy and tell myself to keep going no matter what the consequences as long as the calories are burning.  I also find myself trying to fight off obsessive calorie counting with food (with the exception of Jr. Mints of course).  “If I only eat carrots and wheat thins for breakfast and lunch and still burn X amount of calories running….”  Hey psycho, eat a burger for crying out loud!  Ok, so it isn’t that bad but I can see where it could be.  On the positive, the vegetable section has now become my favorite place in the store and I get kind of excited to see what I can create for dinner each night.  I’ve never been much of a chef…at all…so merely cutting up vegetables and throwing them together to see what I can make is like a mystery being revealed and so far it’s holding my interest.

Hmm, this post has turned into one discussing my dietary habits (or lack thereof) so I’ll just add one more that I noticed recently.  I went over to a friend’s house and realized I bypassed all drink options and went straight for the water.  Why is this odd you may ask.  Well, not so long ago I HATED water.  It was a borring drink and offered nothing other than being wet.  I used to drink coke ALL THE TIME.  Couldn’t get enough.  It was nector of the gods and when I mixed cherry coke and moutain dew (don’t knock it until you try it) I thought I had reached some sort of euphoria.  But my “I expect better of you side” (I hate that side) kicked into high gear and I decided to cut back on the coke.  Not just cut back but I went cold turkey on all carbonation.  I had absolutely no intention of maintaing this other than for a few weeks, just so I could go a few days without the shakes and headaches but one day turned to another, which lead to a week, which became a month.  And before I knew it, it had been over a year and a half sans carbonation.  Oh sure, on those hot, sultry days I can taste the sweet sugary goodness as it cracks the icecubes it’s poured over.  But so far I have not caved.  But in a few months it’ll be summer again and you just never know.  If plain water isn’t cutting it I’ll be crazy and buy a bottle of propel and if I’m really feeling saucy pink lemonade it is.  Anyway, I was surprised to find that I had moved beyond the “I guess I’ll tolerate water because I know I should drink it” stage to the “I really do just want a glass of ice water to quench my thirst” stage.  Not quite euphoric but I’ll take it.