My Knees Need You

Attention runners, athletic gurus, doctors, and anyone with common sense.  You all know that I’ve been running consistantly for the past couple of months, increasing the distance little by little.  Well, for the past few weeks I’ve noticed my knees getting kind of sore once I reach a couple miles into the run and then for about 3 minutes or so after I finish I’m convinced they’re plotting my death.  What is the deal???  I have no other problems with my knees during the day or night once these few minutes are over.  None.  No popping, soreness, creaking, or whatever.  So am I experiencing some sort of  vitamin deficiency?  Need more calcium?  Is the top of my body too heavy for my knees to hold up while running?  I’m only 29 so I can’t imagine that it’s old age yet.  Is it just growing pains (whatever that means)?  Will they get over it on their own with time?  Or should I be concerned that they may slowly be turning into powdered chalk?  I’m rather found of them so I would be quite put out if this were to happen.  Not running is not an option.  So I’m petitioning all of you if you have any experience with this and what you did for it.  My knees thank you in advance.