My Little Sunday Morning Adventure

This morning I decided to skip church and head out to my favorite park to go walking.  It was looking to be a gorgeous day and since I don’t know how many more of them there will be I had to take full advantage.  As I pulled up to my usual parking spot, I was happy to note that no one was there except one elderly lady using a walker.  I prefer having the park to myself or with very few people.  The lady was walking on the sidewalk heading to my car and for whatever reason, I had a brief thought of “I hope I didn’t just startle her by pulling in quickly and having my hood over my head.”  At any rate I had noticed her and made a mental note to say a cheerful good morning to her when I passed by.  So I hopped out of my car and was unwinding my ipod when I looked up and noticed that this lady had fallen and was lying flat on her back.  I ran over to her to help her and understandably she was moaning a little and appeared to be in pain.  She kept saying that she just needed to get on her knees and then she would be able to pull herself up using the park bench nearby.  Let me just interject that she fell while trying to sit down on the bench.  Apparently she had placed her walker in the grass not realizing that it was wet, the wheels moved out from under her and she fell.  I do not have a lot of upper body strength and trying to get her on her knees proved to be a real challenge.  She was about 200 lbs and most of it at  this point was dead weight.  After about 15 min. she was finally on her knees and holding on to the bench but really no closer to standing up.  At this point, she was very tired and had relaxed completely, leaving me to hold up her upper body.  Luckily, a man walked by at this point and he was able to lift up her torso allowing her to stand and sit on the bench.  The man walked on but I ended up walking her home because I know I would not have had any piece of mind if I didn’t know for sure she had made it.  The thing that really blows my mind is that her main concern she kept voicing to me was that her kids would find out.  She said she had just moved in with her son and my assumption was that she already felt like a burden and didn’t want to be placed in a home.  However, my main concern was her physical condition knowing that she had hit her head, hurt her tail bone, and would surely have sore arms and legs.  At any rate, she made it safely home where I hope she was able to rest and won’t feel any major repercussions of the morning’s event.