Happy Birthday Mom!

In a couple of hours it’ll be my mother’s birthday!  I tell her I’m what keeps her so young, but she just rolls her eyes and says yeah right.  I’m glad I’m able to talk with her about most anything and that she’s even willing to indulge me in doing things I want to do, even if she thinks they’re lame.

Just the other night I convinced her to watch The Lost Boys with me and though she kept repeating that the movie was dumb and she didn’t like it (how anyone could not like that movie is beyond me) she did laugh a few times and stayed to watched the whole thing.  Now if I could just get her to stay awake during Wayne’s World…

I love that on occasion she’ll say the word suck in conversation and the other day she used the word freak’n in a sentence.  Never in my life have I ever heard her say that and if you knew my mom you would know just how funny that is.  I love it and it makes me smile.

There’s so much she does for me, and mom, I want you to know that I appreciate all of it.  I love you!!

* I just had her read this and her reaction was “Oh brother” when she saw the entry was about her, “Yeah right” when she read the part about Wayne’s World, and “You forgot a comma.” (laughing the whole time of course)   haha  I love it.

A Week of Books

I’ve been trying to think of what to write about this week but it was so incredibly borring and slow that I managed to read 5 books and do nothing else.  Which is actually a good thing because I’m going to see how many books I read this year.  My goal is at least 50 (about one a week) but at this rate I may have to increase the number.  Anyway, these are the books I read this week and what I thought of them:

1.  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter:  I really liked this book.  I’m kind of drawn to books where the characters are flawed but basically good people.  Where their decision may not have been the best and they struggle throughout the book with it.  Simply this is a story about a young doctor whose wife has twins, only one was born with Down’s Syndrome.  In a split decision he gives the Down’s Syndrome baby to the nurse and tells her to put the child in a facility and then he tells his wife that she (the baby) died thinking this would be easier for his wife to deal with.  The nurse ends up leaving and raising the little girl as her own.  So throughout the book you’re reading about how each character’s life was affected by this decision.

2.  The Book of the Dead:  If you like forensics and case solving then you should read books by Patricia Cromwell.  This is the second book of hers that I’ve read and enjoyed.  At times, her writing style makes it difficult to follow along and understand what you’re reading b/c she has so many little side plots going on at the same time.  But in the end everything weaves together and makes sense.  So if you can stomach some of the gruesome descriptions she gives, you might like this.  It’s about a serial killer.  Enough said.

3-5.  Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse:  These books are fabulous if you’re a 14 year old girl in Jr. High… I am not.  I think what bothered me the most is that I kept wanting to know what was going to happen to the characters even though I thought the books were lame.  For some reason I felt compelled to finish reading them, though many times I found myself muttering that I couldn’t believe I really was.  I think what really got me through them was that I pictured the lead vampire looking like Ryan Phillippe.  These books are about a girl who moves to this little town and ends up falling in love with a vampire.  The first two chapters of the first book are pretty good but as soon as actual dialogue begins between the girl and the vampire, the story goes downhill.  For the life of me I could not understand why all these vampires and werewolves were going to battle to protect her.  Let her die I say.  I was so frustrated and fed up with her that half way through the last book I called her stupid and an idiot.  Outloud.  Ok, so I didn’t so much call her that… as I YELLED it!  I know, get a grip it’s just a book.  But I read all three in 2 1/2 days and I felt that after investing my time she could at least grow up some.  It doesn’t happen.

So, after all this reading about vampires, werewolves, serial killers, death, lies, deceit, and tragedy you can image what kind of freaky dreams I’ve been having.  I think I’ll try to find a comedy next.