Hello McFly

Lastnight I went to Target looking for one of those giant exercise balance balls.  I LOVE Target and usually find whatever I’m looking for at a good deal.  What I expected to be a quick trip took over an hour to accomplish.  I headed back to the Yoga/Pilate section and found a lot of those balance balls but there were all part of a kit for $30.  Ridiculous.  I just wanted the ball.  Finally I see a sign advertising only a balance ball for $12.  Perfect.  The problem was that there weren’t any actually being displayed.  So I went looking for a Target team member and that’s when I met Will.  I could tell by looking at him that it might be a little bit of a struggle to get what I was wanting but seeing how I couldn’t find anyone else I thought I would take my chances. 

I had him come over to the display/sign area and showed him the ad and that there weren’t any balance balls there.  I asked him if he knew or could check in the back to see if they still had some in stock or if they were really sold out. 

His response: “Umm.  (pause) Umm.  Yeah I don’t really know.  Umm.  Huh.  There isn’t a bar code anywhere.  Umm.” 

So I say: “Well, is it possible to look up the brand name in the back or on a computer and see if you have any in stock?”  

Him: “Umm.  Huh.  I’m not sure.  Umm.” 

Me: “It’s ok.  Thanks.”

So I go in search of someone else that might be able to help me instead of trying to channel their inner Yoga instructor by saying Umm all the time.  I’m searching everywhere for anyone that works in this store.  It’s so true that when you’re looking for help no one is around.  Finally I find another worker and explain what I want and bring her over to the display.  On the way over, we pass Will and she calls out to him if he can come and help us.  I look over my shoulder and say outloud (though I don’t think either heard me) “No.  He can’t help me.  He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

I point out the ad again and again ask if it’s possible that there might be some in the back.  She, for whatever reason, turns to him and asks if he knows if there are any in the back.  His response, “Umm.  Well it says here you can get the balance ball or the DVDs.  The DVDs are right here.”  Thanks Einstein. 

 Me: “Yes they are.  But I don’t want a DVD, I’m looking for the balance ball.”

Him: “Umm.  Well, I think, uh, if you look here (and he’s actually pointing to the sign) it says that you can get the balance balls or the DVDs.  And we have the DVDs right here.”

Me:  ” Uh-huh.”

Him: “So it’s the balance ball or DVDs.”

At this point my patience with this kid was gone. 

Me:  “Yes I can read that the sign says you can get the balance ball OR DVDs.  I can see that you have the DVDs here.  I can also see that there is no balance ball on display.  I get that.  My original question is, do you have any more balance balls in stock in the back or have they all sold out?”

Him: “Umm.”

Me:  “Nevermind.  I’m going to another store where I can find someone who can answer my question and help me.”  Was that a little rude on my part?  Probably.  But I really had been outwardly calm sounding up to that point.  And I managed to bite my lip from asking him point blank if he had any balls or not.

I left the store and headed to that oversized garage sale store known as TJ Maxx.  And wouldn’t you know, I got my balance ball for $12 – and it even came with a DVD at no additional cost.