It’s a Boy…or a Girl

When I was born, my mom set up a Gerber Life Insurance plan in my name.  Every few months or so I get mail updating me on different plans and updates to the company.  A few days ago I got another one and my mom opened it, as she usually does, to double check it’s junk mail before trashing it.  This is what it said:

Dear Natalie,

As a loving parent, you want to do everything you can to give your children a head start in life.  That’s why you gave your child the valuable gift of a Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan.  Your thoughtful decision will help provide your child with a brighter financial future.

If you’ve recently welcomed another child, please accept our congratulations!  Now you have the opportunity to start all your children out right with the special gift of a Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan.

It then goes on to tell me about the different plan options I can chose for my child.  Only one thing though, I don’t have any children.  I have not recently welcomed a child much less ANOTHER one.  I’m not a loving parent and I didn’t give a child the valuable gift of a Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan.  Does Gerber know something I don’t?  Man, I really hope not.  But just in case they do, does this mean I can take a child deduction in my tax return for more money?