Shameful Manipulation or Secret Super Power?

The other day I wrote about a shopping experience at Target where I had to deal with an employee I deemed as incompetent, at least for that moment.  As part of my comments, morethananelectrician listed 3 things women can do to get what they want from a man.  They are:

Look…I am not sure how to explain this without seeming sexist in some way…so I apologize in advance for offending anyone.

You: “Will…I would really appreciate it if you could see if there are any more balance balls in the back for me.”

There are three options here other than the straight delivery of the line. Each has its’ own advantages…

1. Look him dead in the eyes and smile. (If he is younger than you he will run to the back)

2. Touch his shoulder during the delivery of the line (This should work on any man)

3. Cry. (This works for men older than you).

It may be wrong, but if all you are trying to do is a get a ball from the warehouse area…don’t go to a woman, especially if she is thinner than you are.

This is good advice.  I’ve always been somewhat fascinated that women can get most any guy to do most anything.  And yes, this does work in reverse but generally I think men give into women more than women give into men.  A couple of years ago I conducted my own little experiment to test this out.  I began telling a male co-worker that he owed me candy (which of course was ridiculous).  Everyday I would ask him if he remembered to bring it to work for me.  And of course this was always accompanied with a smile and the usual flirty whatevers (within reason of course, I was at work afterall). 

At first I think he was baffled and really wondered if he did owe me something because of a previous bet that he had forgotten.  And when he would ask why he owed me candy I would just smile, look him dead in the eyes, and say something lame like “just because”.  I was persistant, and sure enough, one day I walked out to my car to find a basket overflowing with all sorts of candy inside.  I have to say I was a little surprised because I wasn’t sure it would actually work but, there it was.  Was it sneaky and underhanded?  Sure, but then again I was the one enjoying a large assortment of candy. 

My conclusion is this, if a guy is going to be gullible or willing to be manipulated then why shouldn’t I use all my resources to get what I want occasionally? (And I do stress occasionally because done too much it makes you appear to be a tramp)  To get someone to do something simply by smiling and giving them “that look” really is a super power.

Gotten out of a speeding ticket?  Not had to pay for something?  Reduced work load?  I’m curious to know what you’ve done to get someone to do something or what’s been done to you.