Finally!  The semester is over.  I have to say this past month totally sucked with all the projects and papers I had to do but now it’s over and done with.  AND it was my last semester of actual course work, just an internship left to go till graduation.  All I want to do is sleep, eat junk food, read, and sleep.  I’m so tired right now all of my thoughts are coming out as phrases.

In other news I finished the yard work in the back and will post pictures later.  This Friday I’m going to be helping to lay sod in our front yard and will post pics of that as well.  Right now, I’m going to sit in front of the TV and do nothing.


I just had to let that out because…my second semester of grad school is officially over!!  YIPPEE!  So nice to have it done.  Now I can focus on more important things this month like eating, sleeping, and television watching.  Did I mention sleeping?  And eating?  *sigh*  can’t wait.