I Do Not Get Paid Enough for This!!

That was the subject of an email I sent my boss today.  I opened one of my orders of 150 slides and discovered that nearly all of them had mold covering the screen.  EEWW!!  Over the past two years I’ve been scanning I have seen this on occasision but more like one slide out of the entire batch – not the entire batch covered.  So here is the email I sent:

So I opened one of those slide orders of 150 and guess what?  Almost every slide screen is covered in mold.  Mold (name of boss here).  I’ve received this before but this order is so gross!  And the best part is that to some degree the spores are going to go airborne.  They will get into my scanner, my keyboard, on my gloves, and I’m going to inhale it.  I’m sure mold provides some medical benefits and has lead the way for great advancements but I do not feel these benefits/advancements are going to help me at this time in the scanning room.  I’m not really complaining.  Well I am, but I’m also just pointing out something gross that I thought you, as my boss, would like to know.  Just so you don’t feel left out, I’m holding off scanning this order until you’re able to come in and see for yourself the condition they are in.   And I’ve decided in the very rare chance that my nose starts bleeding I’m going CSI on this order and shooting blood rockets on it. (that episode was gross but disturbingly fascinating at the same time).  Also, if I develop a mucas infested cough I expect (name of company here) to pay my medical bills.  Well, I’m off to get some Kleenex because I think I feel some congestion forming.