Pumpkin Pie

Saturday I went over to a friend’s house and we decided to make pumpkin pie from scratch.  As in we cut up a pumpkin and boiled it.  I’ve never seen that done, much less done it myself and I was surprised that it was super easy to make.  I’m beginning to think everything is easy to make and I’ve just always thought food was hard because I never bothered to learn.  Anyway, pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite type of pie and now I know the mystery of how it’s done.  Of course I’ll probably stick to store bought.  And yes, Pammy Girl I already know you think Pumpkin Pie has the consistency and taste of vomit – but boy are you missing out!  And as I was cutting it up I noticed how much the pieces looked like cantaloupe and thought that would be a hilarious prank to pull on someone someday.  Consider yourselves warned.