One Down

…two years to go.  Three hours ago I officially finished my first semester of grad school!  Whoo Hoo  You know, it wasn’t all that bad.  And as long as I did ok on the paper I had to submit today I’ll end up with an A in both classes…please do ok…please do ok…  For the next month I can focus on the really important things in my life like eating, sleeping, and cleaning my room.  And oh yeah, that online Arkansas History class I want to knock out before the next semester starts.  And in honor of my semester completion, Psych is airing TWO new episodes tonight.  You’re welcome North America, you’re welcome.

I Got Nuthin

I love having this blog.  I really do.  But there are some days/weeks when I have no motivation to write anything or even read anyone else’s stuff.  And then the guilt and self pressure step in as though my not writing will somehow devastate mankind and keep the earth from continuing it’s rotation in space.  I’m always on the lookout for something, anything that I can turn into a blog entry.  Work is a dead end at the moment as I’m having a hard time finding actual work to do let alone blog entry ideas.  I’ve been hitting our complex workout facility a little harder lately thinking something will come to mind as I’m running in place.  The only thing I managed to think was, “I wish I could find the dodo moron who was genius enough to break off the plug prong, from the ONLY fan, into the socket rendering it useless.”  Though I think I might have run long enough to burn off the yogurt I had for breakfast.  We’ll forget about lunch, dinner, and all the snacks in between.  How I lasted in track for 6 years is anybody’s guess.

So my mission this weekend is to find or come up with anything worth writing about.  Or anything to write about at all whether it’s worth it or not.  I’m not sure what that means I’ll have to do but by golly, I’m going to do it!  Well, maybe tomorrow.  Tonight I’m attempting to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and watching the premire of Psych – if I can stay awake.