It’s Not Just Security That’s a Pain

Lastnight I was talking to my sister about going to LA to visit her during President’s Day weekend.  So we get online to book a flight.  What should have taken 15 minutes ended up taking over an hour.  After finding the cheapest airfare, the process went something like this:

Computer: Please enter the following information (the usual stuff)

Me:  Ok done.  Continue

Computer:  Please check to verify all information is correct

Me: Ok done

Computer:  Please fill out the following form to ensure Visa security

Me: Um, ok.  Never done that before

So I start to fill it out

Me:  Enter my username?  What username?  Enter my password?  What password?  What the crap!  Enter my Social Security number??  What’s my zodiac sign? (ok so I just made that last one up) 

I delete all information on this form and click continue only to discover that I didn’t have to fill out that form in the first place.  Good.

Computer:  Please verify all information is correct.

Me:  Yes I already did that

Computer:  Please enter credit card information

Me:  Again, I already did that

Computer pop up:  If you would like to save an additional 20% on your flight please click here to see offer.

Me:  What? No.  Just give me the flight I already said I wanted. 

Computer: Please verify all information is correct

Me: For the love!!  I’ve already checked.  So unless you’re going to change the information I’ve already entered….it’s correct!

Computer pop up: Would you like to receive advertisments on great deals for future flights?

Me: GRRR!  NO!!  Just book my flight already!

Computer: Thank you for choosing us for your travel needs.  Before the final process is complete please check to verify all information is correct.

Me:  AUGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!