Are You Going to Finish That?

For the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve been hungry ALL THE TIME!  At first it was bazare, now it’s annoying.  I get hungry at the regular times a person would eat.  About 10 minutes or so after I finish eating I’m hungry again.  And I mean stomach growling, that’s all I can think about, if I don’t eat I just might die.  So I eat again.  And again…and again.  I thought up a list of all possibilites whether realistic or not:

1.  No, I’m not pregnant

2.  No, I do not have/going through “women’s issues”

3.  No, I do not have an exceptionally fast metabolism

4.  No, I’m not imagining that I’m eating when I’m really not

5.  No, I do not have tapeworms or parasites….dammit (just kidding, ew!)

6.  No, I’m not a vegan or what have you and therefore am eating foods of substance a la crap (fatty foods, carbs, etc)

7.  No, I’m not exercising like a mad women in my spare time…or at any time for that matter

I finally concluded that the only possible explanation is that somehow I genetically relate to bears in this area and must be gorging myself in preparation for hibernation.  Only I don’t get to hibernate through the winter, just eat through it.