Popsicles are Yummy…I Just Don’t Want to be One

During the summer I have an addiction to those Flavor Ice/Pop Ice Popsicles. There have been many a meal consisting of the fruitful flavors of those popsicles. And you can always place a bet that there will be wrappers littering the front seat floor of my car or overflowing from my trashcan. And like any true addict, my dosage has increased at each setting. I used to eat a measly one at a time but now I grab anywhere from 5-7, top those off and go back for another 5-7 (except for the orange and blue ones which I promptly rip apart from the rest and throw away because they taste like cough medicine – *shudder*).

The thing is, I love eating them but I hate being cold. Yesterday it was 11 degrees as I came to work and today it was a mere 9 degrees. I bundle up as though I’m about to climb Mt. Everest just to walk to my car. And I’m sure if anyone were watching they would think the Michelin Man had come to life as I try to waddle my way out, all the while I’m thinking “Please don’t fall, Please don’t fall” as the scene from the Christmas Story runs through my mind when Ralphie’s brother couldn’t get back up.

Then I get to work and peel off all the layers and all is well…for about a half hour. I work in a scanning room that’s supposed to have it’s own clean air system apart from the rest of lab. Really it’s a make shift system from former systems in different buildings so it’s pretty touchy and is known to break down. Because I would rather sweat it out than freeze, I prefer the temperature to be a cozy 75-77 whether it’s winter or not and since I’m practically the only one that sits in this room all day, I think my vote overrules all other votes. My boss feels differently.

This past summer we went the rounds over the temperature in this room. My arguement was that in a single day he only spent a total of 10-15 min. in the room (and that’s being generous) while I spent 9-10 hours in there. He tried to say that the equipment needed cooler temperatures to operate fully. This is not true. But as the boss he just naturally won, no surprise as I have only won a single argument in my three years working here. I’m sure he must think I’m a pansy but as I also pointed out to him in my defense, he’s 6’4″ and weighs somewhere around 240-250 and I’m 5’5″ and weigh less than half that. It didn’t work and I sit in a room that’s set at 69 degrees. I find myself periodically going into the bathroom where not only is it A LOT warmer, there’s hot water for me to run over my hands for a couple minutes.

So I’m left to think that maybe the old adage is right – maybe you are what you eat!