Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, The Right Stuff

I no longer have internet connection at home which not only drove me nuts over the weekend, it caused me to almost miss this little piece of news:  New Kids On The Block are reuniting!!  That’s right folks.  According to people.com NKOTB are staging their comeback.  How could I have almost missed this bit of information??  A few years ago I was talking with my dad and he asked me what group or artist I never saw but always wanted to.  My answer: New Kids On The Block but being realistic, I knew this would never happen.  Then a few years ago VH1 tried out a new program where they would try to reunite various bands for one night, one concert.  They were successful with Flock of Seagulls (and other 80s British bands) but were turned down by some of the members of NKOTB.  With this latest news, maybe there is a spark of hope after all. 

Is their music bubble gum crap?  Yes

Should they stay in retirement?  Yes, Really guys you need to let it go.

Are they too old to be joining together as a boy band?  Yes

Is this going to be a major flop and embarrassment to they guys?  Probably Yes

But to me they hold nostalgia.  This was the first group I remember liking without the influence of my older sisters, they were my Duran Duran (and Pam before you say anything, I would like to remind you that you actually went to a NKOTB concert while I had to stay home because I was too young to go) and they are my guilty pleasure in music.  Now when Joey sings “Please Don’t Go Girl” I can have the satisfaction of knowing that after all this time, I was hangin tough and didn’t go anywhere. 

And by the way, I’m curious to know what music guilty pleasures those of you who read my blog have.