Mad Crazy with a Touch of Sugar Cookies

Last week two co-workers were let go because our lab will be shutting down in a couple of months and our volume isn’t enough to keep everyone.  So the work of these two people came to be my responsibility.  Which is really no big deal because as I just said the volume has been incredibly low.  Until, of course, they left.  The day after we got more volume than I think we’ve had in months and guess who had to do all of it?  Me.  I’ve been so busy all week I was coming into work a little earlier than I usually do, haven’t had lunch in four days, and forget going to the bathroom.  Ok so that one’s on me because I would just get distracted and “forget” until I was on my way home.  Since I come to work kind of early and have never really cared about how I dress, I find myself wearing whatever is on my floor or the first thing I reach in my drawers.  I have a pair of pants that my oldest sister gave me after someone gave them to her.  I like them because the’re comfy and basic.  When she gave them to me they were a few sizes too big for me but I made do.  Because as I said, I don’t care that much about my clothes.  But I’ve lost about 7lbs over the past month and a half and now I’m discovering they might be TOO big.  And while yeah for weight loss, boo for looking like I was dressed by Marky Mark.

Anyway, on the positive side of the work situation, I’ve been so busy the days have gone by a little faster and I’ve re-discovered that I’m a PHENOMENAL multi-tasker.  Good thing too or I’d really be screwed.  And I haven’t just been multi-tasking at work but at home as well.  I’ve still been running everyday and have increased to over three miles, managed to read a couple of books, cook dinner every night, do the dishes twice, do laundry, clean, go grocery shopping, bake and decorate sugar cookies and deliver them, be in bed by 10, and still had some time left over (before I went to bed of course).

Which brings me to my sugar cookies.  I have been on a cooking/baking kick for a while and am loving it.  My mom makes the best sugar cookies and I decided to give it a go just to see if I could.  And guess what?  I could.  They tasted awesome!  I’m making more this weekend and can check this off as one other thing I’ve learned how to make.  The part about the cookie process that I hate is the decorating.  A lot of people have told me this is their favorite part but I just don’t have the patience to be so detailed for so many cookies.  I think I’m going to divide the task up a little this weekend.  I’m thinking I’ll bake the cookies tonight and decorate them tomorrow so it’s not a cookie overkill for me.  In the meantime enjoy the pics.