What’s it Worth to You?

On CNN (I know, I know.  I keep referring back to CNN but it’s my fall back for blog topics) there was an article saying that a man bought 130 million year old dinosaur poop for $960.  So I’m thinking, What do you need with old poop? and why is research money (which I’m sure somehow I’m paying for) and time being wasted on studying poop?  And the poop of a species that has ceased to exist for millions of year no less!  And how do they know it’s really dinosaur poop?  Or poop at all for that matter?  The article says that it looks like a rock on the outside and a colorful mineral on the inside.  Maybe that’s exactly what it is.  How would you go about finding dinosaur poop anyway?  And when you found it, would you be able to identify it on the spot?  I mean, now I wonder how many times in my life I’ve kicked what I thought was a clump of dirt or a rock when in fact it very well could have been dinosaur dung.  Imagine the collection I could have!  And imagine what it would be worth today if some guy was willing to shell out almost $1000 for just one clump!

Then I really got to thinking.  What object would I be willing to bid $960 on in an auction?  And you know what?  Nothing.  I can’t think of a single thing that I would be willing to bid on for $960.  Nevermind a bid on old dinosaur poop.  Talk about a waste being flushed down the crapper!