A Pretty Crappy Ending

I’m tired.  I’m more than tired but less than exhausted.  I’ve been sleeping on the floor with only a pillow and a blanket for two nights and I have one more to go.  I wouldn’t really call what I’ve been doing sleeping so much as waking up every hour because my arm, shoulder, or leg is cramping from laying on the hard ground.  Thursday night I got about 4 hours of sleep because I was anxious for the moving truck to arrive and worried no one would come to help me load it.  It relatively smoothly, thank goodness, and the truck was gone after about an hour.  Friday night I didn’t get much sleep because the two guys that live below me were having a party and I might as well have been downstairs with them because I could hear everything perfectly.  They partied until 5. Thanks guys.  Then the cherry on the top happened.  I lost my wallet.  The last time I remember using it was Friday afternoon but I didn’t discover it missing until Saturday night.  So I didn’t get much sleep because I was thinking of that stupid wallet and where it was.  And thinking about how my timing couldn’t be any worse because I’m driving across the country tomorrow and not coming back.  I still haven’t found it and I’ve all but given up at this point.  I can only keep my fingers crossed I don’t get in an accident or pulled over until I get home and get a new license.  Not that I want either to happen at all regardless of a license or not.  So I’m tired and have a couple long days ahead of me.  But grasping at the positive this is what I came up with:

1.  I never registered in any other state.  So even though I haven’t lived in Arkansas in five years it’ll be a snap to replace my driver’s license.

2.  I only have one visa debit card.  No other credit cards.  This makes cancelling and monitoring card use easy.

3.  I only had about $3 or $4 in the wallet.  So I’m not out tons of money.

4.  Some guy pumping gas called me a pretty lady.  And this was after a morning of tears resulting in a red, puffy face with no makeup.  Thanks gas pumping guy – that actually helped my morning.

So it sucks but not life ruining.  I’m still tired though.