Small Town Findings

Last weekend I decided at the last minute to drive up to Illinois to my sister’s house for a little visit.  She lives in a pretty small town that’s in the middle of nowhere.  At least that’s how it feels to me.  It was great to visit and see my nephew and nieces and I hope I get to go up there again soon now that I’m back living in Arkansas and the drive is only about 7 hours.

There’s a small town store that seems to sell everything from overalls to school supplies – and they even have free popcorn available to everyone that wants it.


Real catchy name huh?

But these were my two favorite finds:


This little gem of a T-shirt was nestled in a $1 rack.  If only it had been my size.


I realize the picture is a bit blury but you’re reading correctly.  It does say Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  And look there’s even a special one for the ladies.  They also had Anti Monkey Butt Whipes if powder isn’t your thing.

So there you have it.  My small town findings that helped to make the trip great…or at least put a smile on my face.