Damn you Lifetime!

Let me start off by saying other than re-runs of Reba and Still Standing, I do not watch Lifetime.  It’s a man hating, everybody has a terminal illness, gee I guess I really do love my family more than work TV network.  So for the love of all that’s holy, would someone please tell me why I have been watching these sappy made for TV Christmas programs ALL DAY!!?? Literally.  I turned the TV on around 8:30 this morning and it’s still on almost 13 hours later.  Did I go to church?  Nope.  Did I even go outside?  Not really.  Did I get dressed?  Try again.  Did I do ANYTHING that would be considered productive?  Uh uh.  So thanks a lot Lifetime with your feel good, overly sappy, life is always perfect if you just believe load of crap.  You’ve successfully helped me to accomplish nothing today.