I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Finally!  Today I leave for my weekend in LA and I couldn’t be more anxious to get out of here for a few days.  The weather the past two weeks has actually been pretty decent here and so naturally I wasn’t surprised when lastnight we had severe weather/blizzard conditions.  The bad weather conditions came so fast that the interstate was pretty much shut down in the middle of rush hour and some motorists had been stranded anywhere from 4-6 hours.  And were still stick with hours to go when I went to bed at 10:30.  Because of the road conditions, buses were trapped and they had to transport 200 elementary kids to a local school to hang out for the night.  Talk about a nightmare.  And it’s supposed to snow later today.

The good news is that it’s not currently snowing and the roads are beginning to clear up.  And I just googled the airport and they aren’t reporting any delays (unless it’s a plane coming in from another airport).  To be on the safe side, I’m leaving work at least an hour earlier than I thought I was going to because you just never know.  So here’s fingers crossed that if it snows it will be after my flight leaves and here’s to spending a weekend in warmer LA with my sister and no work!!  Whoo Hoo!!

Looking Forward to Some R&R

Next weekend I’m flying out to LA to hang out and chill with my sister for the weekend. The days can not pass quickly enough! Not that my life is stressful or agonizing….just incredibly boring. Even work has lost the challenge and what used to keep me occupied and pass the day quickly, I can now do even faster with time to kill. I have 6 operating stations and while the machines are doing their job, I surf the net to pass the time. So I was a little perturbed when I discovered last week that the company I work for blocked WordPress from the system. Out of the hundreds of thousands of sites I have no clue as to why this would be one they would block. I wouldn’t really care except that it just so happened I lost internet connection at home a couple of days before this fiasco. Well I’m computer illiterate but something sparked in my brain, whether it was from boredom or sheer disdain from this new development I’m not sure, but I figured out a way to maneuver around the system and access the page. Hooray for me!! Take that corporate America.

Things are also at a standstill after work as well. We’re getting more snow than the state’s had in 5 years. I’ve stated more than once that I hate snow and being cold. But I also will openly admit that I don’t know how to drive in it very well, either. So I opt to do everyone a favor and stay off the roads whenever possible. This means I go to work and head back home. Home leaves me with limited options. I do go to our clubhouse to work out but aside from that it’s basically TV or books. After a while both get mundane. Although I’m currently reading Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome and it’s pretty good.

So I’m more than anxious to head out to LA for a couple of days. I’m ready for some warmth, time off work, and the company. And as an added bonus, I fly out on Valentine’s Day so I get to bypass that lame “holiday”….I can’t wait!!