My Little Nitch

I’ve been tagged by Pammy Girl to show off my oh so super cool apartment.  The rules are that you have to take pics of the aparmtment AS IS with no cleaning or tidying up.  I’m not that messy so I don’t think this will be overly bad.  Of course, I did take some pics from far away so you couldn’t really see the dirt and crumbs…

1.  Living Room

For the record, not one single item in here is mine.  Not one.  Most of the furniture came with the place, including the TV, and everything else belongs to my roommate.  I’m not a big fan of the Americana theme but it’s her favorite.  Hence our apartment looks like one giant American Flag.  I have to say I tried to angle the camera so it wasn’t so obvious but here it is.

2.  Laundry Room

So really there isn’t much about this place that’s a mystery.

3.  Kitchen Sink

Well, you can see the sink in these pics.  I’m not trying to hide anything in it, I just forgot I was supposed to take a pic of the sink specifically and instead took one of the whole kitchen.  Yum, you can see the cookies I made in the background.

4.  Closet

Now before you start thinking “Egads woman!  What a nightmare!” I would like to say that everything I own, everything that makes up my entire existence has to fit into this tiny closet and my little room.  Considering this, the closet doesn’t look too bad.  And look, you can see Garfield’s leg sticking out from underneath the grass skirt and the exercise ball I finally had to get from TJ MAXX because the Target employee was no help.  Ahhh, the memories…

5.  Toilet

This is my non-girly part of the bathroom

6.  Fridge

Everything on the left is mine while the right side and the door all belong to my roommate.  In the freezer I have the top shelf next to the ice maker while she has the bottom and the door.  Apparently I only eat carrots and condiments.  And what’s really sad is that I took this picture right after I came home from the store.

7.  Shoes

These are usually in a large pile on the floor but just for this post I pulled them out.  I have 30 pair and only rotate between 4 of them.  Some I’ve never worn and some I’ve only worn once.  I believe 17 of them are flip flops or sandals.  Only 4 pair are appropriate to wear in the winter.  Can someone say denial??  I hate winter and even after almost 4 years of living in Utah I still avoid the reality of this being a cold place.  Oh, see the blue bags to the right of the shoes?  Those are FILLED with cosmetic stuff I get from work.  I get tons of it and hardly use any.

8.  The Kids

So I couldn’t think of something to put here.  Though I almost grabbed some random kid from the complex to mix things up a bit.  Instead, I’ll just post more pics of my bathroom and bedroom.  Hope no one minds.  This is the more “girly” side of the bathroom.  Note more of the cosmetic stuff I get from work.  I’m telling you, it’s everywhere!

Now for the bedroom.  If you can’t tell, I have a thing for pictures and picture frames.  And since they all have to be in my one little room it looks a bit cluttered.  My room is one large hodge podge of stuff from Guatemala, Mexico, and Hawaii.  Plus my “bed” sucks.  It’s a hideaway couch but I’m too cheap to buy a real bed.  I only make it on Saturdays but I included a pic both made and not.

9.  Self Portrait

Ok, so I tried and tried to take a pic of me smiling “normal” but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  So here in more typical Nandango fashion is me.