Emergency Essentials

Yesterday I blogged about my car fiasco (see entry below) and I’d like to add a little to the story.  Yesterday a co-worker was nice enough to have his wife come and pick us up and take me home (I’m still waiting to hear back from the mechanic and thus, still do not have my car).  As we make our way off my exit I suddenly remember something very important – the mechanic has my keys a.k.a. MY HOUSE KEY!!!  Oh for crying out loud!  Not wanting to impose on my co-worker and his wife anymore than I feel I had already, I said nothing.  We get to my apartment and I thank them, get out and head to the steps ready to make myself comfortable because I had a two hour wait until my roommate would get home from work.  The whole thing was incredibly funny and there was really nothing I could do but laugh at the situation.  Good thing I like to be outside in the sun and good thing I had my book with me.  So this entire experience has taught me that there are 6 things to remember to have at all times:


1.  Cell phone – I can’t believe my parents had to practically MAKE me get one because now it feels awkward to not have it with me.  However in my defense, I was living outside the country for a year and a half without any sort of technology and had left before cell phones became all the rage.

2.  Books – In almost any emergency situation you will find yourself waiting for something or someone.  Books make the time pass very quickly!

3.  Camera – My phone has one but it’s crappy so it doesn’t count.  I did not have a camera on me when my car died but really wish I would have.  You never know when you’ll see something or want to document something for a blog entry!!

4.  Keys – Car and house!  In my case I really could have used that house key.  My roommate and I were talking about putting a spare one somewhere outside just in case.  Of course, this conversation would have been helpful at an earlier time.

5.  Sense of humor – Honestly, if you can’t find something about your situation a little funny than you have a much bigger problem.   Even if it means “looking back” and laughing, that’s better than never finding it humorous.

6.  Money – In any form preferably cash/debit/credit card.  You just never know.

I know there are more things that in all seriousness you should have in your car at all times but these are the things that either helped me or I wish I would have had at the time.