Death’s Door

I swear that’s where I was this weekend, right there on the threshold.  Last Wednesday I came up to visit my sister in Charelston, Illinois for a nearly two week getaway.  I arrived Wednesday afternoon and that night my niece woke up with the flu.  Or actually, she didn’t really wake up but had to be woken up.  How anyone can sleep while they’re going through something like that is beyond me.  Thursday she was feeling fine but was kept sequestered in her room just in case.  Well, Friday afternoon my brother in law came home from work with the flu.  By Saturday he was feeling better which was just in time for me to pay tribute to the porcelin throne that night.  And pay I did.  All. Night. Long.  Talk about misery.  So here it is Monday afternoon and it looks like I didn’t die afterall.  Whoo Hoo!  But just as I’m feeling better my nephew came home from school with it.  Go figure.  But in between people puking we have managed to go out and see some local sites that I’ll post about later.  Man, this vacation is one for the books.