It’s that time of year again

We had to fill out our company’s work evaluations this past week…ugh!!  This is the third evaluation I’ve done for this company and right off the bat I have to say they’re a complete waste of time.   

Year #1:  I had only “officially” been with the company two months, although I had been a temp worker for 7 months before being hired.  I still had to fill out the evalutation.  99% of the questions didn’t even apply to me seeing as how they had to do with goals I had set for the previous year and whether or not I had reached them.  Plus a large portion of the questions had to do with aspects of the company I did not (and have never had to) deal with.  Many of the questions were repeated throughout the form just worded a little different and I felt compelled to answer them all differently.  The whole thing took between 4-5 hours to complete.  In the end, I received a whopping $.04 an hour more because the company only took into account the two months since my hire date.  Honestly, I would have given the change back if it meant not having to waste my time filling out the form.  My manager at the time had it approved to give me a bigger raise because he didn’t think it was fair to not take into account all the time I had been there, even if I was only a temp worker.

Year #2:  Same stupid form to fill out from the previous year.  Seeing as how I never saw the previous evaluation again (though we were supposed to review it with our manager) I didn’t put as much time into this one but it still took about 3 hours to complete.  However this year, I copied and pasted answers on multiple portions rather than trying to think of a new way to answer the same question.  Plus on portions that didn’t apply to my job responsibilities I answered with a mocking, sarcastic tone that is hard to fully detect unless you know the person.  I can’t remember what the raise amount was but it wasn’t worth much.  According to my new manager, he wasn’t consulted like he was supposed to have been by his boss.  Instead HR and his boss and had assigned everyone the same percentage raise.  He went back and had it raised on a few people (like me) to make it fair according to the work and job titled held.  So once again, my raise was based on my manager asking for more money and not a result of the evaluation.

Year #3:  This year the company changed the form to make it faster and easier.  A large portion consisted of a ranking scale from 1-3 on how we feel we are in particular areas.  I made it incredibly easy on myself and rated 3s on pretty much everything without really reading the questions.  Because let’s face it…I rock.  My answers to the questions resembled my high school term papers, filled with tons of flowery words, that when you think about it don’t even make sense.  There were a lot of,  “I feel that in order to adequately enable our customers to efficiently ascertain and master their evolving goals within the competitive environment….”, “As a means to obtain our primary focus within our company’s infrastructure, our ending result must reflect not only our unwavering dedication to our valued customers but the importance in acheiving quality satisfaction….”  Uh, WHAT??  Exactly.  And it only took 20  minutes to complete.

If the past two years are any indication, my raise will be the result of my manager.  And my evaluation will be filed with the rest in the large folder labled trash can.