I Now Understand…Sort of

Guys seem to have this obsession with video games that I can’t comprehend.  Truth be told, I lost interest after Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt.  This isn’t to say that I haven’t TRIED to play since then but have failed at all attempts.  First comes the slight, dull headache.  Then comes the rapid eye blinking/squinting to keep them focused on the screen.  Next we have slight dizziness which leads to a full on headache.  And if I continue I am directed straight to motion sickness and must close my eyes and lie still for a few minutes.

Lastnight this all changed.  A few friends got together and we played the Wii.  Holy Crap!  I could very easily become addicted to this.  I had to refrain from the impulse of petting it while repeating “my precious” over and over.  We played tennis, baseball, and bowling and to my surprise I’m actually pretty good.  Of the four of us playing, none of us had ever played on the Wii except the owner but her scores weren’t that much higher than mine (and it wasn’t because she sucked).

Where I was once going to put my tax return straight into the bank to have for emergencies, I may now have to catergorize owning the Wii as a matter of life or death and therefore must purchase immediately.  And Terry, if you’re reading this, I bowled a 193 and that was my first time.  It can only get better.