They Did It Again

It was announced this week that Ugly Betty has been canceled.  The network said the show hasn’t sustained it’s audience and ratings have been slowly slipping the past two seasons.  Well ABC, I wonder why this is.  Could it be because for no reason you switched it’s time slot not once, not twice, but three times?  The first being Friday night which is the kiss of death?  I’m really getting sick of all the shows I like getting canceled; Prison Break, My Name is Earl, Arrested Development, and now Ugly Betty.  I’m becoming more and more convinced the TV networks have it out for me in some sort of giant conspiracy, so I would like to go on record listing my 5 new favorite shows. Are you listening networks?  These are my new favorite shows (*wink, wink*).  And now in absolutely no particular order because I hold them all with the same regard, my top 5:

1.  The Deep End – I know what you’re thinking.  This hasn’t even aired yet and it’s already one of my favorites.  This show follows young lawyers as they join a prestigious LA firm.  Not to be confused with The Practice, Law & Order (take your pick as to which one), Just Legal, Alley McBeal, etc.  Oh I see what you did, this is about YOUNG, NEW lawyers.  Very clever of you network.  For a second I thought this was going to be another rehash of an old concept.  Wait…wasn’t that the bases of Shark?

2.  Past Life – Again, I know this hasn’t aired yet.  But honestly, how could anyone not agree this is on the express train for success?  Past life detectives that who investigate whether what is happening to you today is the result of who you were before – I’m sold.  This is not to be confused with the show Medium.  The main character on that show solves cases of criminals who are already dead and yet appear to her in dreams.  They didn’t live a past life, they just can’t seem to leave this one.  Which is actually an awful lot like this other show called Ghost Whisperer…

3.  Mercy – This show is a breath of fresh air.  Finally we get to see the dramatic world of the medical field through the eyes of women.  It’s about time!  This concept is so riviting I can’t believe no one thought of it before.  I wish I had.  I would have named it something catchy like Grey’s Anatomy or HawthoRNe.  Or how about ER?

4.  The Forgotten – Ah yes.  With so many cop/detective/investigating shows out there it’s hard to find one to stand out from all the rest.  But what this show does is to be a voice for those victims whose cases were never resolved.  That way, these people aren’t left to be just another cold case….hmm, cold case?  That could have potential to be a good name for a  TV drama about this very thing.

5.  Gary Unmarried – I’ve mentioned this show before but I just can’t help myself from doing it again.  Uproariously funny!  Hysterical!  Two thumbs up!  We get to watch whitty, divorcee Gary bumble his way through his now bachelor life as he tries to balance  the new world of dating with frequent encounters with his ex-wife.  Man, you’ve just got to feel for the guy.  He should hook up with that New Adventures of Old Christine gal and the two of them should take a vacation together.  Permanently.  From the networks.