Book List 2011

Back in 2008 I made a goal of reading at least 50 books during the year.  Of course that was the only year I actually met that goal.  But anyway, here’s my list from 2011:

1.   The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

2.   Little Bee

3.   Winter Garden

4.   No One Can Take Your Place

5.   Think Twice

6.   Love, Lucy

7.   Bossypants

8.   The Truth About You and Me

9.   The Shop on Blossom Street

10.  Thin Rich Pretty

11.  Conspirita

12.  Her Fearful Symmetry

13.  And One Last Thing

14.  Secrets of a Shoe Addict

15.  Man in the Middle

16.  Mrs. Kimble

17.  Swan Thieves

18.  The Hunt

19.  The Beach House

20.  The Lifeguard

21.  The Swimsuit

22.  Port Morturary

23.  The Devil in Jr. League

24.  The Sisters of Hardscrabble Bay

25.  Pop Goes the Weasel

26.  Mortal Allies

27.  Seriously…I’m Kidding

28.  The Kingmaker

29.  Roses are Red

30.  Simple Genius

31.  First Family

32.  Stories I Only Tell My Friends

33.  Jack and Jill

34.  Violets are Blue

35.  4 Blind Mice

36.  Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed

37.  The Alchemist


So no surprise most of the books are thriller/murder mysteries.  And obviously I discovered James Patterson this year which I’m not sure how I avoided for so long since those are my favorite types of books.

On a happy note, this is the year I graduate…not till December, but still.

Another Year Come and Gone

Seriously, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone.  I feel like it was just last night I was posting about turning 30 and now here I am.  Again.  Another year older.  I remember last year being pretty excited about turning 30 and thinking it was going to be a reinvention for me.  I’m sure I had all sorts of goals in my mind but hell if I can remember what they were, much less accomplished any of them.  This year did find me a job, busy with two youth groups, and in grad school.  And tomorrow I’ll be celebrating this momentous day with 16 kids ages 2-4, and that’s better than going grocery shopping at Wal Mart in the morning and then getting stood up later, which is what happened last year.

So, a step up from that and with a new year staring me in the face, I’m ready to see if I can make this one better.  Turning 30 take 2!