I’ll Take One Uneventful Day Please

It started with a band staying the night at our house and ended with a blown out tire on the interstate.  That’s how my last 24 hours have played out.  Two Christmases ago I wrote about driving with my brother to return a guitar to a guy in a band.  The guitar got left in the club they had played at in Little Rock and it wasn’t discovered missing until they were at home in Texas.  My brother saw an opportunity to help out this band that he liked and so he offered to pick up the guitar and drive it half way.

Well this same band (their name is Resident Hero) is back on tour and were driving from Mississippi to a town in northern Arkansas to play a show.  Since they had to drive on I-40 to get there, my brother saw another opportunity to help them out and so he offered up our house for the night.  They took him up on it and while I have no idea what they might have actually thought of the house or their sleeping accommodations, it beats sleeping in a smelly van right?  Plus I helped my brother ended up making breakfast for them in the morning and one guy did his laundry.  I didn’t really talk or hang out with them but they seemed pretty cool and I think they were grateful to get out of their van and stay in a house, even if it was only for one night.

The town they played in is about a 2 1/2-3 hour drive from our house and I told my brother I would go with him so he wouldn’t have to do the drive alone.  We got there and the show was pretty good and I was especially happy that they were one of the openers, so they were done by 9:30.  We listened to a lot of the next set and then talked to the lead singer for a little bit and headed out around 10:30.

About 14 miles outside of our town there’s a fast thumping sound and smoke coming from the front of the car.  Keep in mind this is a rental my brother had to get because of the car wrecks he was in last week.  We pull over and wouldn’t you know the front passenger side tire is not only flat, but has exploded leaving a 2 inch gash in the tire.  And there’s some kind of liquid leaking out from the tire.

We pull out the spare and my brother starts fiddling with the jack but neither one of us have actually had to change a tire.  I’ve seen it done but never had to do it myself.  Here it is, 1:00 in the morning.  We are on I-40 heading east about 14 miles from our town.  I don’t know what night time looks like where you live but down here in Arkansas it’s complete and total darkness.  You can barely see your hand in front of your face so we were using our cell phones as flashlights.  And I should say that we ended up only being 14 miles away from home but we really didn’t know exactly where we were at the time.

My brother was working on getting the jack on the car but it wasn’t looking promising at first.  So I found a road service number and gave them a call.  Their estimated time for arrival was sometime in the next 75 minutes.  Oh goodie.  By the time I finally got off the phone with them, my brother had gotten the jack on securely so I loosened the bolts.  Once the bolts were off, I called the road service people and canceled the service keeping my fingers crossed we would be able to get the spare on and not have to call them again.  It took us about an hour (maybe a little more) to get the tire changed.  I’m just glad we didn’t have to wait an additional 75 minutes.  I have no idea if it’s really on the way it’s supposed to be.  I would assume so since it didn’t fall off or explode but who knows.

It’s now 3:30 in the morning and I’m exhausted.  Oh man, did I mention that my mom got sick and I almost had to take her to the ER?  I didn’t?  Well, that happened too.  She probably won’t like that I put that in there but it adds to the drama craziness excitement that is my life sometimes.  By the way, I got her to her doctor’s office and she’s fine just really tired.  Here’s the recap:

Make breakfast for a rock band staying in our home – check

Almost took mom to the ER – check

Went on mini road trip with brother – check

Went to a rock concert with brother – check

Had to change an exploded tire on the interstate in the middle of the night – check

Let’s see…yep, that about sums up my day.  I’m going to be flying to Salt Lake City this weekend, can’t wait to see what madness happens there.  In the meantime I hope tomorrow is a complete and total bore.

The Trip So Far

As some of you know, I had been toying with the idea of going to Mesa to check out the area as a possible place to live.  So I decided this would be the weekend.  I headed out Wednesday morning and stopped in St. George, Utah to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while, possibly over a year ago.  It was so fun to visit, catch up, and get re-aquainted with her three little boys.  Talk about a handful of energy!  The oldest boy (who is 5 I believe) is totally captivated by learning about the presidents of the United States and George Washington is his current hero.  He has a George Washington costume complete with a wig he kept wearing and showing off which was hilarious.  These boys are part Fijian so he also came out dressed in some Polynesian costumes and danced for me.  Best entertainment I’ve seen in a while for sure. 

We stayed up late talking, which was fun to do, but I had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before and still had a long drive ahead of me for the day.  I was thinking I would leave around noon or so and arrive to Mesa sometime around 7 that night.  I was going to be staying at another friend’s house in Mesa and wanted to make sure he was home from work before I showed up.  I had only met his wife once for about 2 min. at their wedding reception a couple of years ago and I didn’t want there to be some awkward situation or something.  As it turned out I went on a date with my friend’s brother there in St. George and so I got a later start out on the road.  I’m not complaining because the date was fun and I mean, hello!, it was a date.  I believe this is my second one this month which just may have doubled the number I had in all of last year.  I know, I know, slow down Nandango it’s only January.  Pace yourself.

The drive from St. George to Mesa was awful because I was already sick of being in the car and realized I would not be getting there until late.  Which meant I had to drive a large portion of it in the dark.  The road is pretty windy and at one point there was heavy fog, which basically sucked.  Then about 20 min. from my friend’s house the exit I was supposed to take forked in two directions and I, of course, took the wrong one.  So imagine, I hardly slept in two days.  It was pitch black outside and I had never been remotely close to this town before and now I was completely lost.  And it was late at night and about an hour or two before I had discovered the friend I was staying with had to get up to go to his first job at three in the morning.  Had I known that, I would have left St. George that morning.  I was just about to call him and tell him that I would be stopping at a hotel because I was exhausted and about to break down.

And wouldn’t you know, my phone rang right at that moment and it was my best friend I was roommates with back in those Idaho college days.  Talk about a lifesaver!  She got on mapquest and guided me back to the road I needed.  Whoo hoo technology!  And double whoo hoo to friends that call just at the right moment!!

Yesterday I got up and went to a local company that does the same thing I was doing at my job in Utah.  I took a gamble they might be hiring and just so happened to run into one of the co-owners when I got off the elevator.  She was so incredibly nice and when I told her where I had been working she brought me in and gave me a little tour and an impromtu interview.  Which was above and beyond what I thought would happen since I had no prior appointment.  The downer was that they only had a night shift available and the pay is less than what I need.  But overall it was a positive experience.  The rest of the day I drove around trying to get a feel for the area.  As it so happens, the layout of the streets is very similar to where I am living in Utah so it was easy to get around.  I even managed to hook up with another friend I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years.

I eventually made it back to my friend’s house and went in to meet the wife for the first time.  She is incredible!  So toally cool and friendly.  Her sister and brother in law where there as well for dinner and they were all the same.  You know when you walk into someone’s home and it feels warm and inviting?  And you don’t want to leave because it’s a happy place with everyone joking and laughing?  That’s what it’s like here in their home.

So today I’m off to look at a few apartments and keeping my fingers crossed I can find one that’s nice and affordable.  Other than a lot of driving, this trip has been a lot of fun.  I’ve loved being able to catch up with friends and make new ones and so far, the Mesa area is turning out to be pretty cool.