Do you want fries with that?

A good while back, I noticed that sometimes it gets confusing at the drive-thru.  You place your order, and the worker is left wondering if you’re done or still thinking of more items you want.  They then ask you “is that all?” or “would you like anything else?” and you either answer with “yes that’s all” or “just a second.”  So back in the day I decided to help clear things up by saying “that’s all” or “that’s all I want” so the worker will know when I’m done.  Sounds like a good strategy doesn’t it?  So imagine my surprise (which has grown to annoyance) when I place my order and say that’s all I want only to have the worker ask if I want additional menu items.  Hello!!  If I wanted those things I would have asked for them to begin with.  I understand that there are some fast food places that require their employees to ask customers if they would like to supersize items.  This is annoying in and of itself b/c if I wanted them supersized I would have asked, but to ask if I want more AFTER I tell you that I don’t…well that’s just plain stupid.  Case in point, just today I went to Burger King and said this “Hi.  I would like a whopper jr. with no onions and no pickles.  That’s all I want.  Thank you.”  Only to get this response, “do you want fries and a drink with that?”.  No.  No I don’t.  Pay attention!