Who You Gonna Call?

Oooh, call me!  Call me!  I was waiting to post these pics because I had some other pictures I was wanting to post but as it turns out I still haven’t taken them.  Here are a few from my Halloween party last week.


The kids of course had no idea who or what I was but loved that I was walking around with a vacuum stuck on my back.  And check out that gun.  It’s an original toy from the 80’s I found in my brother’s stuff up in the attic.  Am I a rock star or what…ok fine, but it’s still a good costume.  By the way, this is my 300th post – whoo hoo!


Even though I stayed home and handed out candy, I didn’t think that was enough of a reason to pass on dressing up.  So at the last minute I put threw this on


I think the kids liked it.  Well, except the one little girl that burst into tears and wouldn’t come up on the porch…whoops.