I’ve Been Tagged

Five Husbands tagged me for Six Random Things.

Here are the rules:

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Six Random Things

1.  I think my stomach is made of steel because I can eat just about anything without getting sick.  I went to a vegan restaurant (sorry vegans but ew!) a couple of years ago and those I went with got uh, “sick”.  I was just fine.  I also used to eat from the street vendors in both Mexico and Guatemala and never got sick.  Here’s a bonus fact along the lines food.  I hate milk!!  Unless it’s chocolate milk or I’m eating a large piece of chocolate cake.  Aside from that I’m having gag reactions right now thinking about it.  Osteoporosis here I come.

2.  I hate when people whistle along with the radio.  A co-worker does this constantly.  If I wanted to listen to you I would turn the radio off.  But I didn’t so zip it.

3.  I LOVE to jump out and scare people!  At work I once climbed into a large box and waited while another co-worker went and got a third co-worker.  When they came to the back room I jumped out yelling and the face on the startled co-worker was priceless.  I jump out at my mom a lot too.  I can’t help it.

4.  My favorite pajamas when I was little had Orphan Annie on them.  They weren’t my favorite because of her but because they were white with red pinstripes on them and they looked like a baseball uniform.  I was obsessed with baseball and was convinced I was going to be the first woman to play in the Major League with all the guys.  This was about the same time the movie The Natural came out and I just knew it was my destiny to play.

5.  There are times when I can muster up the courage to kill spiders.  What I never have the courage to do is clean them up off the wall after I smoosh them.  I have this bizarre fear they are going to regenerate and crawl out from beneath the tissue.  And when they do they’re going to be pissed.  At me.  So there are a couple of spider remnants on my walls in my apartment.

6.  My hair is naturally curly and not straight.  I switch back and forth every once in a while so there are some people who only know me with straight hair and some that only know me with curly.  And apparently I also have red demon eyes.

I know I’m supposed to tag 6 people but I would rather just be surprised to see who will do it on their own.  Ahem… Jenn and Lance you’re 2 of those 6.