I Need Money

Plain and simple.  There’s a camera  I want and have decided “it will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.”  The problem?  It costs $800.  Eight hundred dollars that I don’t necessarily have to spend on a camera.  Yes, technically the money is in my savings account but what if I lose my job tomorrow?  What if my car breaks down again?  What if…. well, you get the point.  So I’ve been brainstorming on some money making ideas that are sure to get me my camera.

1.  Selling my books

This is actually pretty hard for me.  I have a reverence for books and can’t dispose of them lightly.  However, I went through bins and shelves lastnight and came up with a nice stack I’m willing to part with.  The problem is that I don’t think it will generate much dough.  Mostly because I’m only willing to sell old text books and old kids books like my Sweet Valley Twin series.  Yes, I’m going to pawn off the Sweet Valley Twin girls and hope they’re worth something.

2.  Selling Clothes

Granted I don’t have much in the way of clothing and most everything there is has holes.  Pammy Girl did remind me that I was given a pair of Armani shoes a few years ago that I’ve never worn that could bring in some cash.  And I do have two pairs of Diesel jeans that I’ve been storing in the hopes of losing those extra 10 lbs.  At this point the weight’s not going anywhere so maybe it’s time for the jeans to head out the door.

3.  Working Overtime

Right now work is so slow I’m having a hard time finding something to do for the 8 hours I’m supposed to be here.  But how hard would it be to tack on a little extra time here and there.  I’ve been coming into work 15-20 min earlier and staying about that much time after.  An extra 1/2 hour a day could go a long way.

4.  Babysitting

Yes I realize this is really a job for 14 year olds.  But the advantage I have over those teens is that I’M NOT 14!!  Honestly, wouldn’t a parent rather leave their kids with a competent and capable 28 year old rather than an inexperienced 14 year old?  I’m even willing to do a couple of overnighters.  Maybe even a full weekend of babysitting.  What 14 year old would do that?  Better yet, what 14 year old would you want to do that?

5. Putting Ads on My Car

No work involved but money in hand.  This doesn’t sound too bad.  Hmm, scratch that, this is where I draw the line.  I’m not desecrating my car, even I have limits afterall.

6.  Donating Plasma

Ah, yes.  The old college standby.  I’ve actually never done this before but from what I’ve heard and read it’s not that big of a deal.  For just a few hours a week you too could make a little extra cash.  Plus I can sit there and read the whole time.  What’s not to like about that?

7.  Selling My Kidney

I have two and only need one.  Why should I be so selfish?

8.  Selling My Eggs

Think about it.  There could be little Nandangos running around out there someday.  The thought almost brings a tear to my eye.

9.  Being a Surrogate

This one just might be my golden ticket.  I can already read the ad, “Uterus for sale!  Mint condition!  Never been used!  Act fast!”  Potential parents are bound to come running.  Money for me, kid for them…this is a win-win.  Plus if I time it right I can be pregnant during sweater season and pop that kid out in time for summer.

My fellow bloggers, in this election year I turn to you.  Please vote on the idea you think is best for me or come up with your own.  A camera’s future life depends on it.

Emergency Essentials

Yesterday I blogged about my car fiasco (see entry below) and I’d like to add a little to the story.  Yesterday a co-worker was nice enough to have his wife come and pick us up and take me home (I’m still waiting to hear back from the mechanic and thus, still do not have my car).  As we make our way off my exit I suddenly remember something very important – the mechanic has my keys a.k.a. MY HOUSE KEY!!!  Oh for crying out loud!  Not wanting to impose on my co-worker and his wife anymore than I feel I had already, I said nothing.  We get to my apartment and I thank them, get out and head to the steps ready to make myself comfortable because I had a two hour wait until my roommate would get home from work.  The whole thing was incredibly funny and there was really nothing I could do but laugh at the situation.  Good thing I like to be outside in the sun and good thing I had my book with me.  So this entire experience has taught me that there are 6 things to remember to have at all times:


1.  Cell phone – I can’t believe my parents had to practically MAKE me get one because now it feels awkward to not have it with me.  However in my defense, I was living outside the country for a year and a half without any sort of technology and had left before cell phones became all the rage.

2.  Books – In almost any emergency situation you will find yourself waiting for something or someone.  Books make the time pass very quickly!

3.  Camera – My phone has one but it’s crappy so it doesn’t count.  I did not have a camera on me when my car died but really wish I would have.  You never know when you’ll see something or want to document something for a blog entry!!

4.  Keys – Car and house!  In my case I really could have used that house key.  My roommate and I were talking about putting a spare one somewhere outside just in case.  Of course, this conversation would have been helpful at an earlier time.

5.  Sense of humor – Honestly, if you can’t find something about your situation a little funny than you have a much bigger problem.   Even if it means “looking back” and laughing, that’s better than never finding it humorous.

6.  Money – In any form preferably cash/debit/credit card.  You just never know.

I know there are more things that in all seriousness you should have in your car at all times but these are the things that either helped me or I wish I would have had at the time.