Man That’s Annoying

I just got a CD my brother made for me (yeah I know, I know.  Why don’t you just download from iTunes to your iPod blah blah.  I like actual CDs for my car and don’t like messing with it myself) and while I was listening to one of the songs I noticed that it doesn’t sound exactly like it does on the radio.  It’s really close but there’s some talking in the background of this version (and no it’s not my brother.  It’s actually part of the song).  After I had a few Grrrs and Growls, I wondered why artists do this??  I once bought a CD for one song that I really liked but when I got the CD that song wasn’t anything like how it was played on the radio.  Sure the words were the same but the music was totally different.  It boggles my mind.  Usually the first exposure a fan has to a song is what’s played on the radio.  Based on that they determine whether or not they like the song.  Then they may want to buy it.  So why for the love of all that’s holy, would the artist want to have a different version available for purchase.  I don’t know that song.  How do you know I’m going to like it?  Usually I don’t.  I like the one you put on the radio thank you very much.  And most likely that’s the version picked for the radio because marketing knows that will be the song version most favored.

I’m sure you’ve all been to a concert where the artist stops singing, points the microphone to the audience, and lets them sing.  STOP IT!  STOP IT NOW!!  If I wanted to listen to drunken Joe or hoochie Heather sing your songs, I would have gone to a karoke bar.  But I didn’t.  I paid a butt load of money to see you perform your songs.  And for heaven’s sake, play the songs that made you popular and in the way that made you popular.  I don’t care how sick of them you are or how much you feel like you’ve evolved to another musical level.  You can cry about it later as you sleep on your Egyptian cotton sheets after spending a gadzooks amount of money on a shopping spree.  You know, the amount that could sustain a small country.  Is it really too much to ask that you sing and make available the songs that we love you for?  Is it?