Ode to Pete

A few Christmases ago I, along with a co-worker, wrote this great poem about our boss Pete. At the time, I had been working there for about 8 months and for whatever reason had never really talked to Pete much. I don’t know why really because he was one of my favorite people there. That being said, I was the perfect person to stand in front of our entire division at the Christmas party and surprise everyone (Pete mostly I would think) with this dedicatory poem:


Professionally, proficiently, and productively practices the preservation of a plethora of pictures.

Purposely pushing people past prior performance predictions.

Passionately planning pizza and punch parties proving the pleasing power of paid procrastination.

Progressing past predicaments while proudly polishing preciously pampered PCs.


Exercising extreme efficiency while empowering every employee…except Sean b/c he’s lazy.

Evaluating the essence of errors established evidently everlasting and ever so exasperating.

Ethically, yet evasively explaining editing essentials exceeding every erroneous expectation.

Ewoks evidently evolutionize elephant ears while eating eggplants.


Tirelessly training temps teaching them to think thoughtful teamwork-type togetherness.

Tempting, though taboo, to touch or take table top trinkets…cuz Pete’s pretty particular about the things on his desk

Telepathetically transcending trivial, tidious tension tide to tough trials twisted in a tapestry of talented technically tyranny.

Triumphantly taking the time to tend to tons of tiring tours telling the timid tandem today is the first day of the rest of your life so start selling Photomax!


End. As in the end of the poem.