Tuna Surprise

Last night I decided to  make some lunch to take in to work so I wouldn’t go out and buy junk food.  I didn’t want to cook anything so I quickly made two tunafish sandwiches.  One for breakfast (I can eat just about anything in the morning) and one for lunch.  I got to work and after a little bit started feeling really hungry so I pulled out one of the sandwiches.  I was about 2/3 finished when I noticed a speck of dust drifting down right in front of my eye, so close I thought it was going to land on my eyelash.  When I refocused my view I discovered it wasn’t dust at all but a tiny spider making its way down from the ceiling.  Can you imagine if that thing had landed on my face??  Oh hell no!  I’m glad no one else was at work to witness what happened next.  I let out a shriek, ducked, and did a drop and roll off my chair to the ground all the while staying hunched over while clutching my tuna sandwich.  Stupid spider.  I stood up and hit it with my shoe but didn’t see what became of the body.  I sat back down and continued reading everyone’s blog when all of sudden the eight legged freak crawled out from underneath my keyboard near my palm.  I shrieked yet again, but this time when I hopped off my chair I remained focused not frazzled.  I took my flip flop and slammed it so hard on the spider its legs flew off.  There’s still a shoe imprint on my desk to serve as a warning for any other creatures that are thinking of stopping by.  They’d better think again.