A Sign of What’s Ahead This Weekend?

I leave for my trip down to Moab in an hour and a half.  I’m so excited to get out of here I can hardly stand it!  Last night I meet up with my friend at a grocery store so we could pick up a few snacks for the drive and for the hikes.  I know it seems a little silly to go shopping together for some snacks and in fact, I mentioned to her that I was going to the store and asked what kinds of stuff she wanted and she thought I wanted her to come along.  I just figured oh why not, and so there we were.  I arrived at the store before she did (she was coming from work) and called her to let her know where I was parked.  The parking lot was pretty full but I purposely parked in one of the far back corner spaces where no one was so I would be easy to spot and where I knew she could get a space near me.  Naturally, while I was on the phone with her a lady pulled up and parked directly in front of me with her high beams on.  My car is a little higher up but so was hers so they were shining directly into my windshield.  Annoying.  And she left them on for about 2 minutes while she was going through her bag.  Why she couldn’t park in any one of the other 20 spaces is beyond me but such is my life I guess.

Anyway, she gets out and packs her three kids in a cart as my friend pulls up.  We make our way into the store and it was one of those times where every single thing we went to get we found someone else right in our way getting those same items for themselves and where every aisle we went down someone followed right behind.  We finally just pulled over in the Mexican food aisle to form our shopping plan because no one, apparently, was wanting tortillas and beans for Thanksgiving.

We continued on and got everything except for granola bars.  So we head down the aisle and there’s that lady with her kids standing, you guessed it, right in front of the granola bars.  We get a little distracted looking at something else, waiting for her to leave, when all of a sudden there is a crash.  We looked up and one of her boys had knocked her shopping cart over with his little sister inside.  The little girl was fine, startled more than anything, and the mother began yelling loudly and the boys.  Talk about awkward.  We just turned and made our way out of the aisle as though we needed something else somewhere else.  I do have to say that I did sort of feel bad for the lady because even though she was upset she was probably also embarrassed.  She looked worn out and frazzled before she even went into the store and I imagine that’s what having two rambunctious looking boys and one little girl will do to you.  Or at least what hers would do to you.

So as we made our way out of the aisle we came across two guys that well, I just don’t know.  They both looked out of place but especially the one that was dressed in a girl’s pink stripped sweater that was too small for him with a low cut V-neck.  He was also wearing large, hot pink circle earrings and a glittery headband/ribbon on his head.  I really had to try not to stare but it was so unexpected that I really couldn’t help it.

Eventually we made our way back to the granola aisle, got our stuff and check out.  And wouldn’t you know that as we were stopped by my friend’s car that lady and her kids come out.  We decide to head to the library and find some books on CDs because as my friend informed me, she’s not much of a talker on road trips.  Odd but alright I guess.  It’s not much of a road trip, only 4 hours, but sure why not.  We’re looking through all the CDs when this guy keeps coming down the aisle and inching his way closer and closer.  So we move onto the next one and after a couple of minutes he shows up there as well.  AUGHHHH!  For the love!  Actually by this point, in light of the whole night thus far, we were trying not to bust up laughing.  My friend turns to me, knowing full well that all this is happening because that’s just how my life is (she’s been around me enough to know) and says, “Man your life sucks.”  Sigh.

The rest of the night went without a hitch, I think, and I’m alive to tell it today.  So really I don’t think it’s a sign of what the upcoming weekend will hold but it definitely kicked things off for us.  Though I hear it is supposed to rain while we’re there.  Figures.  Well, this has taken forever to write because I’m at work and keep getting distracted with that pesky thing called a job but now I only have 45 min. until I leave.  Score!!