Here’s Your Sign…

While I was home I came across a few funny signs/ads. Because I’m still blog/computer deficient I can’t figure out how to get the pics scanned smaller and on the actual blog page so I had to post them on flickr. Still waiting for a couple pics from my brother as well but here goes anyway.

The first one is actually my favorite. The building used to be a KFC but is now empty. I can only assume that some delinquents had a good time one night when they posted the message on the marquee. At least I hope it was some delinquents because otherwise…well I just don’t want to know. The sign reads: Close Visit O Gonads.

The second sign is front of a daycare apparently owned by a women named Carrie. Hence the name Ms Carrie’s Day Care. I’m not sure that’s a good name for an establishment dealing with children.

The third sign (that I’m waiting for a picture of) was found in a little, sleepy town in southern Arkansas. It belongs to an automotive parts store. However, someone should have raised a flag when they discussed naming the business. The sign reads: Clarks STD Parts. Hmm, no thanks I’ll pass.