Peripatetic Nomads

“Peripatetic nomads” are mobile populations moving among settled populations offering a craft or trade.”  And right next to this definition should be a picture of me because I’m pretty sure this is what I am.  Granted wikipedia says these people are generally either gypsies or traveling showmen like circus performers.  Ok, so I’m not a gypsy or a carnie but even still I could be a more modern day version of this, someone moving to settle populations offering my skills in exchange for work or to perform services (and no, not those kinds of services).  Since I graduated from high school 12 years ago I’ve moved back and forth between 21 cities/towns.  That’s not including moves into different apartments within the same town.  Though maybe one of those shouldn’t really count because although technically it was a different city it was only 15 min away.  And yes some of those towns are repeats but months or in some cases years, separated the time in between.  The point being that I had to pack everything up and move it, only to pack it all up and move it again later.  This last stint in Utah really slowed me down.  I was there four years which is by far the longest I’ve lived anywhere since high school.  The next longest was one full consecutive year in Hawaii.  Every other place less than a year.

I bring this up because every day it looks more and more likely that my time in Arizona is coming to an end.  I’ve been here for four months and haven’t been able to find work. I’ve been unemployed for six and while I may be great at budgeting, there comes a point when that doesn’t matter.  No money means no money.  And as I’ve been going over all my options and seeing this move as a real possibility, I’ve started getting that restless feeling and slight adrenaline at the prospect of packing and starting over again.  How I was corralled for so long in Utah at one time is a bit of a mystery I suppose.

I haven’t made any decisions one way or another, just trying to look ahead and be prepared for anything.  There’s still a real posibility and chance that I could get a job and stay put here.  Or not.  It’s like a coin toss and I’m just watching it rotate in the air not knowing what side will land on top.  And that’s kind of exciting, slightly stressful, but mostly exciting.