Disney Weekend

As some of you (most of you) have probably read, I spent the weekend at Disneyland hanging out with Pammy Girl.  I can’t believe how fast the weekend flew especially since most of it was spent standing in line but fly it did.  And I have to say California Adventure is better than Disney.  Sorry Mickey but it’s true.


This is what I thought of the long lines.  And what I thought I would look like after the ride that drops you 1000 ft.  Good thing they have barf shields for those that need it.  And a very good thing I didn’t need it!


Here we are in the largest freak’n farris wheel I’ve ever seen.  Sure I’m all smiles on the outside but inside I was thinking, “if this little metal cage breaks I’m going to be very put out!”

Pammy Girl’s not the only one that learned something on this trip.  I discovered that I’m part vampire or part dead or part something not quite right because parts of my face are missing in these next few shots:



I must say the Hollywood Hotel Tower of Terror ended up being my favorite ride between both parks.  We went on it twice and both times I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

I had a blast and am glad I was invited for this last weekend hurrah!